Visiting The Whitsundays

I’ve been away in the tropics. We stayed in Airlie beach then did a bit of Island hopping around the Whitsundays.


Wow, was it hot up there. It was strange actually because the temperature has been hotter here in Newcastle but the sun up there seems to have a real bite. I could feel my skin ageing years by the second so spent a lot of time lurking about in the shade.

When we flew out it was starting to rain here and we later discovered that it had turned into a little cyclone with torrential rain. My daughter sent me a text at 3am that night saying – It’s really windy here, I’ve never been in weather like this before. And I thought – well ok, nice to let me know that in the middle of the night but I wasn’t too worried as she is a bit of a drama queen. Then she sent me another one about an hour later saying – The side fence just blew down into the lane-way, I went out to have a look but I feared for my life so left it. So then I thought, I’d better have a look at the news back home.

It was crazy. So much flooding and damage has occurred in a large area of the region. People have died, washed away in their houses, some in cars or car accidents, towns were isolated and main highways closed due to flooding. So many trees and electricity poles down on houses and cars I can’t believe more people weren’t injured. People here are still without power almost ten days later which must be very inconvenient.

We didn’t have any damage to our house. We bought it just after the last big floods they had here so when we were looking at places you could easily see which ones had suffered water damage so we avoided them.

So I was sitting up there in paradise sipping on cocktails complaining about the heat and it all seemed like another world away. When we arrived home we flew back into another storm which was a bit hairy. It was night-time as well and I don’t like flying at night at the best of times. My husband asked me at one point if all the jolting was the wheels hitting the runway but it was just us buffeting about in the air. I always wonder why people drink on one hour plane flights, like why they can’t just sit there for an hour without alcohol but maybe turbulence is the reason.

Anyway we arrived home and I was sorry I’d complained about the heat because it was freezing here and the first thing we did was drag out the gas heater. I always think I’m going to like winter much more than I actually do.


Winter is coming


Not. It was about 100 degrees yesterday, she’s just being a drama queen. She’s one of those people who look out the window and see rain and clouds and assume they need stockings and a jacket to leave the house.

Not that I’ve ever tried putting stockings on Chicken Little.

loving the gas

Chicken Little can never be too close to the heater. She’s my little canary in the mine shaft; if she drops dead it’ll possibly be due to carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s time for the rest of us to leave the house. I have an alarm in the hallway as well as we’ve never had a gas heater before and I was so worried about us all dying in our sleep after reading so many stories where it happened that I’ve hardly been game to use the damn heater – even though it’s lovely and warm. Her little ID tag gets so smokin’ hot you can’t touch it and I was thinking one day it’ll probably brand her. I do put the bed further away but the little bugger pushes it closer – she refuses to put her bum on the ground though – it always has to be in contact with comfort.


In other news I see WordPress is all fucked up again.

Winter in America is cold

but not so much in Australia where I live.

I haven’t travelled far, in fact I haven’t even travelled to the other side of Australia. I’m contemplating it but the other side of Australia is closer to Singapore than it is to me which has so far made it cheaper for me to go to places like Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Point is, I don’t really know what goes on out there in the big wide world but this past week, when I’ve been out on my morning walks, I’ve thought to myself – how amazing is it to live in a place that can have skies this clear and blue in winter.



QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life…

What's the best summer you've ever had?

Well looking back now I wish I could say it was the one when I didn't sunburn the crap out of myself. But I can't actually remember that one. I don't think it ever happened. Hey, this is Australia! So up until the age of 21, I spent every summer at the beach. I was one of those baby oil sun bakers. Oil up and lie in the sun for about 6 hours. Then do it again the next day and the next and then the one after that as well. Burn on top of burn.

But it was all good back then. I think it was even called a "healthy tan". But then all of a sudden I turned 21 and whoa, whoa, hang on there. Then the news was full of – slip, slop slap – stay out of the sun. Melanoma was the big word. And I haven't been in the sun since. When we went to Thailand we were like a group of vampires, lurking about under layers of clothes and sunblock and umbrellas.

Which leads me to my $150.00 visit to the dermatologist the other day. If you have a really good memory and not much else to think about, you may remember that I mentioned a while ago that I had this strange rash on my neck. It's sort of red and  goes down both sides of my neck and a bit in the middle. Of course I couldn't find a photo that shows the rash. Sometimes you don't even notice it. Sometimes people say – whats that rash? Sometimes I point out the rash and they say – I never noticed it. But it started it 1994 and I thought I should get it checked out seeing as how it was still there in 2010.

SUN DAMAGE people. That's what it is. Its called something interesting – Poikiloderma, but basically its sun damage. Some people are more prone to it. My doctor thinks its a reaction between some sort of medication and the sun. But it's sun damage. So COVER UP people. Because some days it ain't pretty. They're the scarf days. It's a combination of pigmentation damage and enlarged capillaries. So if I'm in a sticking hot room, it's really red.

If I want to I can have it treated with some sort of laser treatment. It won't ever go back to normal and I don't think I'll bother. Now that I know its not some awful growth thats eventually going to overtake my body I don't care.

And anyway the dermatologist said to me – you're travelling okay. lol, thats the second time recently a doctors told me that so its all good. Must be all that time on the treadmill.

But getting back to the question. Summers, I've loved them all. If I wasn't such a goody goody rule follower I'd still be out there sun baking every year. Thongs, jeans, singlets, cold beer. Bring it on. I'm over winter.

lol, ok I just need to point out that we're almost a month into winter and today I had the house open, doors, windows etc. No need for heating yet.

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Chicken Little in the House

One of the fambams are all in a flurry and fluster at the moment.

And when the fambams need help, then you step in.

So it has come to pass that Kimba and Chicken Little will be staying with us for a while.

I get up early and make Kimba eggs on toast for breakfast then she gets on the train for a long trip to work.

And then I get to spend the day with Chicken Little.

What a strange little dog. Kimba rescued her from the pound. She spent eight months there.

She is not a fan of the early and cold mornings that we have here.

Get up Chicken. The sky is falling you know.

And since she's a spoilt little brat and spends all her time on the bed or the lounge I decided she should have a bath. Well she went crazy when I tried to put her collar on. Raced around like a psycho and wouldn't let me catch her.

Then we went outside. She loves it outside. So much smelling to do. She just sniffs everything.

She is suffering from serious Little Dog Complex though. She leaps about Betty like a maniac yapping and sniffing and Betty just looks at her like she's a little wanker. I was concerned there was going to be conflict between them but Betty just doesn't seem to give a fuck. And we'd already decided that they just had to get on and that was that.

So far so good.

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Well we are into winter here now. And I can't complain, although I still do, about the weather.

And as soon as I declared that my deciduous tree was not dropping it's leaves, it started to.

I'm like a sunflower – all my chairs point to the sun.


They don't look pretty anymore though because it rained. Now they're just a slushy mess right outside the back door. Not that they ever look that pretty. We don't get the golds and reds of autumn here. Just dirty green and yellow.

And I noticed this butterfly on Sunday. He/she had a strong attraction towards one of my clothespegs. Wouldn't move when I came near or when I had to spin the line.

Wonder what that was all about – colour maybe?

I have had butterflies come and sit on my flower tattoos.



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theres a bear in there

Daz and I have been out tonight and we just walked home. We always walk when we go out, because you can walk from our house to just about anywhere in town in about 30 minutes. But it was a bloody cold walk tonight. My ears are hurting. And I feel as if I've had about five fags just from inhaling the smoke from everyones chimneys. And I always yell a lot on the way home. At people driving past mostly. And I love to check out the cheap furniture shop on the main street because they have the tackiest window display you could ever hope to see. Tonights theme was Bears and Wolves. Lovely round glass tables. But instead of a leg, they have a, say a wolf head. Or a roaring bear holding his paw out with a piece of glass on top. Classy. I took some photos but its old school film so I can't show you yet. Since the dawn of digital cameras I've become very careful when using film. Don't want to waste any.

But back to the question – How cold is it?

Well, too bloody cold for a dog to get out of bed in the morning thats for sure.

Betty sleeps inside but when Daz goes to work at 7.30am he puts her outside, in her bed, with her blanket on. When I went out side at 9.30am this is how I found her. I think it was about 0 degrees.



She wouldn't even look at me. Stayed there until lunch time. 'Tis a dogs life.


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