Winter is coming


Not. It was about 100 degrees yesterday, she’s just being a drama queen. She’s one of those people who look out the window and see rain and clouds and assume they need stockings and a jacket to leave the house.

Not that I’ve ever tried putting stockings on Chicken Little.


Burn Baby Burn

In case you didn't know, Australia is burnin' baby. We are in the midst of a heatwave, bushfires, astronomical temperatures, Suffocation.

Daz came home from work on Friday and said

I think I'm going to die soon.

Oh really? I say

Yep, me, and JD he says.

He said – Over 70 people have died in the last week from the heat. 40 of them were old people and the rest were airconditioning mechanics.

And really, what a stupid career choice. An airconditoining mechanic. You are guaranteed that on all the hottest days in summer, you are going to be working in a place that has no working airconditioning. Either that or you will be in a pub that has no cold beer.

Tonight we went to the pub for dinner, it's about 100 metres away . (I've been painting in Lizzies room since 8 this morning and couldn't be stuffed cooking dinner). When we left the house, we walked about 50 metres and I felt like sitting in the gutter and calling a taxi.

We live in one of the hottest towns in NSW. Every night we watch the weather report on the news and we go – YAY, we won, we got the hottest again. People come to visit and say – why is it always so hot here. Every time we drive into this town it just looks hot.

At the moment Melbourne and Adelaide are copping the heat. We laugh at them. Awful to say and not in a mean way at all . But they are just not used to this awful heat. I bet a lot of them don't even have airconditioning. So when these heatwaves come, they're not prepared for it. I guess at least if you live in a hot shit hole all the time, you don't get any nasty surprises. I remember a couple of years ago our town was burning and we all lay around on lounges with those hairdresser water spray bottles spraying ourselves with them.

Tomorrow's forecast – hotter

Here's Kimba. She's hot.





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cold dogs and hot nuts

I had that weird thing happen last night where, when you go to sleep, you write the end of whatever book you're reading.

I'm reading a Tim Winton book. Years ago I read his book The Riders and I didn't have a clue what it was about. I saw a woman on holidays reading it by the pool and I almost went up and asked her what she thought it was about. I found it very frustrating and it put me off him. But then I read Cloud Street and loved it so when I saw this one called Breathe at the library I grabbed it. And I'm enjoying it as well, but I always read before I go to sleep and it's messing with my head once I do go to sleep.

The weather here today is atrocious. A couple of days ago it was 40 degrees, today it's 14 degrees. Cold and windy as hell. I've just had to put the heater on.

I wish I had a bag of hot nuts from these guys at the farmers markets.



I won't be wanting any of this though. I don't like liqourice at all and this stuff definitely isn't going to tempt me.


Betty is inside again. On a new bed. Too cold and windy to make the poor old thing stay outside. We don't seem to have seasons here anymore.

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wet wet wet

It was a year ago that the Pasha Bulker came to town. An amazing sight. Quite a weekend. Washed right up on the beach. You can't imagine the amount of rain that came down in a 24 hour period. It was about this time I looked outside and decided it was time to get Lizzie out of school. Time to start gathering everyone. This photo is from The Newcastle Herald


We live in a flood zone so we spent Saturday night sitting up listening to the radio waiting to hear that the river had broken the bank. They said the SES would come door knocking if we had to evacuate. By midnight I'd had enough and went to bed. Kimba stormed in demanding to know – How could you sleep at such a time. But I was tired. And anyway I'd already packed my bag of important things like they suggested. I had in it Pink Teddy, Lulu and my book Teddy Edward Goes to The Seaside. Lizzie was fully dressed nicely with makeup on and hair done because she didn't want to turn up at the evacuation centre looking ordinary in her pyjamas.

I woke up every hour or so and put my foot out of bed and tapped it on the floor just to make sure there wasn't water there. But the banks held for us. Other areas were not so lucky. The area we live in was totally surrounded by water and we were isolated the next day. No getting in or out. The bread shop did mad business that day. All I could think was that it was like a Stephen King book and any moment now some evil army dudes were going to turn up and release a virus or something. But that didn't happen either.

These are the netball courts down the end of the road. So it was pretty deep.


When they said over the radio to pack a plastic bag with our important things in it I didn't even think of insurance papers and stuff like that. I did go around and take photos of all the tv's, cd's, computers and stuff. This is what I packed.


This is what Lizzie packed. The others didn't pack anything. Which just shows you how important 'stuff' is to people. They did put the playstation and the Xbox and games on top of the wardrobe though. Last time it flooded here in the 1950's the water only came halfway up the wall so they figured that'd be high enough.


Strange that we are having rain and wind again this week. People are a little nervous. But its only rain. Apparently the next flood will be between the 15th and 22 December. There's a guy in New Zealand who predicts these things very accurately. He said then the banks will break. So thats going to put a damper on christmas. Oh, lol excuse the pun.

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