for the girl who likes to have a goal

My youngest daughter gave me a fit bit flex for christmas which is really just a fancy pedometer. It was another good idea for me because I like to have a goal (or an obsession), it tracks your steps, activity, calories burned bla bla and this was my log for yesterday.

Take that fancy pedometer – kicked your recommended 10,000 steps arse.


It’s a lot of steps, 10,000, I don’t think many people would get their recommended daily dose. I know I only reach mine because I jog/walk 6 km in the mornings then I make up the rest poking about the garden, washing, shopping and whatever because the rest of the time I’m sitting at a desk. People who get up, go to work and sit at a desk all day then drive home again would be lucky to rack up two or three thousand. I read somewhere that Amish people average 20,000 a day and waitresses do a lot of stepping through their days, most other people not so much.

It’s not a gift for one with obsessive compulsive tendencies though (of which I may possibly be one) because you can become obsessed with reaching that magic 10,000 number. I had a pedometer years ago but had to throw it away because I kept bumping up my daily goal until I was doing 20,000 steps a day and I practically had to walk a half marathon to meet it. I’d be up in the garage skipping before I went to bed or doing jumping jacks every spare minute I had if I was short.

So this one will just be staying put at 10,000.

The good thing about this one is that it tracks your sleep as well and this is my sleep log for last night and it’s been the same every night. I know I sleep badly but I’m not sure if it makes me feel better or worse seeing it plotted on a graph.


So the dark blue is when I was asleep and the light blue when I was tossing and turning. As my husband said – no wonder you’re so cranky and unpleasant in the mornings.

I know it’s just a sort of rough idea because it can’t tell you why you were restless i.e. Chicken Little trying to burrow her head under the sheet or the massive cat fight outside the window at 3am but still, that’s a lousy nights sleep. Also it can’t tell when you’re awake but lying there being still because I know I was awake at 3am because I looked at the clock after the 3am cat brawl and lay there for a while thinking about how I hate those people down the road who don’t lock their cats in at night.

Anyway times a wasting – time for me to get moving.


Daily Prompt: Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

If you insist.

That would be the time a man tried to talk me into getting into his car when I was walking home from the shops one day when I was 15 years old. I was pretty calm about it really and didn’t freak out but my fight or flight response was definitely gearing up ready for action. Actually it did get some action.

So I was walking along the footpath – it was about 5pm – and I was going past the local High School so it was a huge distance with no houses on my side, just school ovals then empty school. He pulled up beside me and asked if I wanted a lift and I kept walking and said no thanks and he drove along beside me for a while saying things like come on, get in and I’ll take you home and where do you live and whats your name and we could go to the park (eww, no thanks creepo) etc but I just ignored him and kept walking. Then he drove up a bit in front of me and pulled over and got out and leant against the side of the car and I thought – hello, we’ve just stepped it up a notch here. So I just kept the pace up and walked past him and he said just tell me where you live so I pointed up past the school and said I live up there a couple of streets past the school (obviously I didn’t) and he got in his car and drove up just past the school and got out again. So then I took the flight option and bolted over the street and round the corner and ran as fast as I could back home (luckily I was a good sprinter back then) and my brother was home and I told him and he went off in his car to find this guy but didn’t and no one knew anything about him and I never saw him again.

And it never bothered me again.

Except it must have somewhere in my subconscious because………

A few weeks ago I was walking to meet some friends for lunch and I walked past this huge park area and I live in an area that is fairly notorious for its abundance of street walkers and I don’t know if this guy thought I was one or not (I mean really, you’d hope not wouldn’t you but the alternative is just as creepy) but he did a sort of mini similar thing and I really felt like I was right back there at 15 years old again.

He drove past me (travelling the same way) but then braked and reversed back past me and stopped just behind me but I didn’t want to turn and look at him because the first rule of walking the street-walker strip alone is don’t make eye contact with any men driving past. So then he just drove along next to me for a weeny bit but I kept walking and he took off but it did make me nervous and it was only because of what had happened when I was younger but I didn’t feel unsafe this time as it’s a main highway and plenty of businesses around and I guess once he knew I wasn’t a hooker he wasn’t interested.

Anyway men suck sometimes.

Winter in America is cold

but not so much in Australia where I live.

I haven’t travelled far, in fact I haven’t even travelled to the other side of Australia. I’m contemplating it but the other side of Australia is closer to Singapore than it is to me which has so far made it cheaper for me to go to places like Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Point is, I don’t really know what goes on out there in the big wide world but this past week, when I’ve been out on my morning walks, I’ve thought to myself – how amazing is it to live in a place that can have skies this clear and blue in winter.



Morning walk to the Fort

I always seem to be blabbing on about the glorious weather we’re having and showing off photos of the clear blue skies and seas I walk by all the time.

So I may as well continue.

I do a 5km walk and this is where I start counting.


Still warm enough for swimming (for some) and the lifeguards were setting up the flags for the day.


Always plenty of surfers further along the path at the next beach – lol – well three anyway but there were lots more out of shot.


When I’ve walked up that hill and all those stairs I showed you last week I end up at a lookout called Sheperd’s Hill Fort; it was built in the late 1800’s when it was thought Russia might come over and attack us but it’s really run down and kind of scary now.


It’s a shame really because it was used by the army, navy and airforce at times and there’s a gun at the front and underground tunnels and whatnot that should be preserved.


Behind that fence is where the naughty people go I suppose. You must have to get to those cells from underground through the fort because there’s no way out of the pit.


You can imagine how cold, dark and damp it must have been down there, right in the cliffs near the sea – beautiful above ground though.


The white fence above leads to a drop onto steep jagged rocks into the ocean and if you walk along you can see where people have written words and poems for loved lost souls who have jumped from there.



Then I trek back down and today I sat and watched the water and absorbed my vitamin D while I admired my new Nike runners which I tested out today for the first time. They passed.