Morning walk to the Fort

I always seem to be blabbing on about the glorious weather we’re having and showing off photos of the clear blue skies and seas I walk by all the time.

So I may as well continue.

I do a 5km walk and this is where I start counting.


Still warm enough for swimming (for some) and the lifeguards were setting up the flags for the day.


Always plenty of surfers further along the path at the next beach – lol – well three anyway but there were lots more out of shot.


When I’ve walked up that hill and all those stairs I showed you last week I end up at a lookout called Sheperd’s Hill Fort; it was built in the late 1800’s when it was thought Russia might come over and attack us but it’s really run down and kind of scary now.


It’s a shame really because it was used by the army, navy and airforce at times and there’s a gun at the front and underground tunnels and whatnot that should be preserved.


Behind that fence is where the naughty people go I suppose. You must have to get to those cells from underground through the fort because there’s no way out of the pit.


You can imagine how cold, dark and damp it must have been down there, right in the cliffs near the sea – beautiful above ground though.


The white fence above leads to a drop onto steep jagged rocks into the ocean and if you walk along you can see where people have written words and poems for loved lost souls who have jumped from there.



Then I trek back down and today I sat and watched the water and absorbed my vitamin D while I admired my new Nike runners which I tested out today for the first time. They passed.