Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.

Dear Sweet Sixteen Self,

You could possibly lose this letter because you may already be drunk by now. Maybe you’ll lose it when you sit on Mrs Humphreys front fence and the whole thing falls over and you roll around on the lawn laughing hysterically with the four other girls who will be sitting there when you topple it. Or maybe you’ll lose it out at the cemetery, when you and your friend decide it might be a good idea to go out there at midnight with some older boys who have a car to see if you can find ghosties and spooky things and just scare yourself shitless in general. You won’t but it’s a laugh just running around out there.

I will warn you though that you need to have a good alibi in order before you get back to the house because Mrs Humphreys will put the two of you in different rooms and then interrogate you on where you’ve been, doing what and with whom. We thought she’d be in bed by then and we’d be able to sneak in but this will unfortunately not be the case.

Also – do not give up the names of the older kids who bought you the alcohol because then they’ll never do it for you again. (We didn’t dob).

So basically I’m telling you that it’s important to be a good liar on your 16th birthday and maybe don’t break the fence. Maybe if you don’t break the fence Mrs Humphreys won’t already be so pissed when you try to sneak in later.

Oh and keep those green overalls for as long as you can – because they’re awesome and when you’re 50 you’ll still remember them fondly. In fact, you’ll try to relive the green overall experience with a pair of maternity ones when you’re 26 – not quite the same but they will be pretty awesome as well.



Taronga Zoo wharf – fifties

This is pretty cool. It was taken by Papa at the Taronga Zoo ferry wharf back in the early fifties. I was thinking early morning (because isn’t fishing best in the morning??). The guys in suits I thought were catching the ferry into the City or to North Sydney to work but they’re holding fishing rods and then there are some guys in suits sitting fishing. So then I was thinking that maybe they were fishing on their way to work but then you wouldn’t lug dead fish about all day would you so maybe it’s the afternoon after work. Or maybe they just go fishing in suits.



The longest town name in the world I believe; llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It’s in Wales, Anglesey to be exact which is where Kate and William hang. Translated it means – Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave.

I also discovered that the name was used in the 1960’s cult film Barbarella (Jane Fonda) as the password for Dildano’s headquarters and that it’s now on the Anglesey Monopoly game.

This would have been late fifties – it looks like a giant car outside a tiny building with a massive name.

Anglesey Wales

If you want to learn how to say it here are the instructions

Hawaii 1957

Would this be Waikiki Beach? What’s the pinky place, is that the Royal something or other? Are we still happy with Hawaii being 1957 not 1964? And WTF is WordPress up to?? I went away for three days and came back and they’ve changed – again. My reader page seems to be set up for the visually impaired.

Vintage Waikiki Beach


My sisters scanning project will hopefully turn up all sorts of family treasures. This one was in my inbox this morning with the heading – You look so young! Gimme a break – it was almost thirty years ago.

I was 19 here with my boyfriend of the time – he was a lovely guy. We almost had matching haircuts. Hard to believe looking at this that by 1988 I’d be with a different guy and we’d have a child – I was a baby myself!


Gin Gin Hotel 1954

Mum took this shot when she was on her honeymoon in 1954. It was a long drive from central NSW to north Queensland and back then you stayed in pubs not motels and resorts. That’s Papa’s ute on the right – Mum and Dad didn’t own a car then.

Gin Gin is in Queensland (about 400km’s north of Brisbane), so they’d driven about 1200 kilometres by that stage which would have been a hell of a trip in that old ute – especially when you consider what the roads would have been like back then.

That’s a pram and a bike at the side door and I think underwear hanging from the top window.