QotD: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Sigh, I'd travel back to the Far Away Land, where we had Vox Hunt and not this endless repetitive loop of crap QotD's.

So my own vox hunt for today is – show us something you ate last night

This is so I can show you a photo taken with my new i phone. No editing done. Its not a bad little camera. For a phone.

And obviously I didn't eat Charlie. This Vox Hunt would be – Show us the crankiest face in your neighbourhood.

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QotD: Happy Father’s Day

What important life lesson did you learn from your father?

Not to smoke.

Because if you smoke, one day when you're 52, you might stand up in the middle of the night and have a massive stroke which will put you in hospital for over twelve months and then leave you severely disabled for the next thirty years.

And that would be a bad thing. Because then you would go from being a seemingly fit man who rode motorbikes and went water skiing and loved dogs and farming and life, to being a cripple.


He also taught me that having a sense of humour and a great love of life will see you through those thirty years. 

It's hard to explain my father in one small post. I am one of four children and I think we all have a love/hate relationship with him. He can be the most pig headed, infuriating, scary person you'll ever meet. But then he is also the most loving, charming, gentle person you'll ever meet.

Honestly I love him more than anything. But I can't stand to be with him for more than two days. He;s been a great role model for me and I have some wonderful childhood memories of him and of times I spent with him. And mind you these include things like shooting deformed cows and chasing kangaroos. Sounds strange I know but remember I am a farm girl. We have a different perspective on things. Although it looks slightly disturbing when I read that back.

Hey I just realised this QotD is about Father's Day. It's not Fathers Day. Thats in September you crazy people. Oh well, I'll tell you more about him then.

Thats me in the red. I'd be worrying about being out there without a life jacket because I can't swim. Thats my other sister Min. She's having much more fun. Positively reckless she is. Good lord we have matching home done hairstyles.

And just so Emjay doesn't feel left out here she is with Dad. She seems to have the same haircut, but shorter. lol, oh my, didn't they have some differences of opinion over the years!! Although I've always thought that she is Dads girl. Not like in a jealous nasty way! I am way way way too (scarily at times) much like him to take that title.

Aww, she's so cute.

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QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life…

What's the best summer you've ever had?

Well looking back now I wish I could say it was the one when I didn't sunburn the crap out of myself. But I can't actually remember that one. I don't think it ever happened. Hey, this is Australia! So up until the age of 21, I spent every summer at the beach. I was one of those baby oil sun bakers. Oil up and lie in the sun for about 6 hours. Then do it again the next day and the next and then the one after that as well. Burn on top of burn.

But it was all good back then. I think it was even called a "healthy tan". But then all of a sudden I turned 21 and whoa, whoa, hang on there. Then the news was full of – slip, slop slap – stay out of the sun. Melanoma was the big word. And I haven't been in the sun since. When we went to Thailand we were like a group of vampires, lurking about under layers of clothes and sunblock and umbrellas.

Which leads me to my $150.00 visit to the dermatologist the other day. If you have a really good memory and not much else to think about, you may remember that I mentioned a while ago that I had this strange rash on my neck. It's sort of red and  goes down both sides of my neck and a bit in the middle. Of course I couldn't find a photo that shows the rash. Sometimes you don't even notice it. Sometimes people say – whats that rash? Sometimes I point out the rash and they say – I never noticed it. But it started it 1994 and I thought I should get it checked out seeing as how it was still there in 2010.

SUN DAMAGE people. That's what it is. Its called something interesting – Poikiloderma, but basically its sun damage. Some people are more prone to it. My doctor thinks its a reaction between some sort of medication and the sun. But it's sun damage. So COVER UP people. Because some days it ain't pretty. They're the scarf days. It's a combination of pigmentation damage and enlarged capillaries. So if I'm in a sticking hot room, it's really red.

If I want to I can have it treated with some sort of laser treatment. It won't ever go back to normal and I don't think I'll bother. Now that I know its not some awful growth thats eventually going to overtake my body I don't care.

And anyway the dermatologist said to me – you're travelling okay. lol, thats the second time recently a doctors told me that so its all good. Must be all that time on the treadmill.

But getting back to the question. Summers, I've loved them all. If I wasn't such a goody goody rule follower I'd still be out there sun baking every year. Thongs, jeans, singlets, cold beer. Bring it on. I'm over winter.

lol, ok I just need to point out that we're almost a month into winter and today I had the house open, doors, windows etc. No need for heating yet.

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QotD: It’s the Little Things…

Do you keep track of how much money you spend on non-essential luxuries, like gourmet coffee and snacks? Are there certain little indulgences you cannot live without no matter how tight your budget?
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Well I'm usually pretty good with not wasting money, but I almost crapped myself when I looked at my credit card statement last night.

But Kimba was in the doctors for an hour and I had to fill in the time waiting for her somehow. And who knew there'd be so many interesting little shops along that crappy street. And the dress I bought was so cute. And I've been wearing the same boots for four years now so I really did need a new pair. And the bag was just what I've been looking for. Thank god she was only in there for one hour or I'd be really broke

But that still didn't really account for the huge total I was looking at. So I look through and – oh yeah there's $150 to the RTA for my new licence, and there's $ 450 to the orthodontist for the final payment on Lizzie's braces. I'm sure he's going to retire nicely on all the money I've handed him over the years. And there's $170 to the dermatologist I had to see for about five minutes a couple of weeks ago. And another $70 to another dentist because the orthodontist told Lizzie she needed a clean. And thats right the dishwasher shit itself at the start of the month and we had to buy a new one so there goes another $850.

But as for food type treats, I don't get into them. I can hardly afford the weekly grocery bill as it is without going gourmet. I mean have you seen the price of lamb these days. Are sheep becoming an endangered species or something? Must be by the price of them. I can't even remember the last time I fed the fambams lamb.

But books. Now they are a bit of a weakness. Definitely can't live without books. But I stoped buying magazines as they were so expensive. And this morning I turned my back and walked away from a book I really wanted because it was too expensive. Mind you I'm going to think about it all day now.

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QotD: I Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream season is here! What's your favorite flavor? How do you take it? (Cup, cone, waffle cone, sundae etc.)

Well its not exactly ice cream season here. I was actually thinking of making a banana self saucing pudding but the bananas were green.

And I don't do ice cream much. I have a fear of dairy. And it hurts my teeth. But I did notice this huge tub of chocolate topping in the fridge. It's the stuff they use on the sundaes at Macca's. It fell off a truck or something. I don't really want to know so I don't ask questions. But it's pretty good to just dip your finger into every now and then. Mind you it's all gone now. Although everyone tells me that they only got to have 1 serve.

And anyway, everyone knows that when I feel like a coldie, nothing beats a chocolate paddle pop. Well everyone except my husband that is. Even though we've been together for 25 years he thought I like golden gaytimes when I asked him what my favourite iceblock was last week.

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QotD: Peanut Butter and…

Peanut butter and what?

A spoon.

Or a finger works just as well really. You just hope that you're the only one in the house that uses that tool.

Although I'm more of an almond butter fan. Love almond butter. I put a big scoop of it in my shake in the mornings. Bit of soy milk, frozen bluberries, scoop of protein powder and a glob of almond butter.

We don't do peanut butter and jam or jelly or whatever it is here. And I almost choke thinking of bread and peanut butter anyway. Just seems like a lot of clag to get through.

Although in the Dark Tower Jake mentioned a couple of times that he wanted a peanut butter, banana and bacon sambo and I've felt like one ever since. It sounds like something I'd have to run a long way to work off though.

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QotD: Dream Weaver

Do you remember your dreams or tend to forget them upon waking? Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? 

Well, anyone who knows me, knows that sleep time for me is more like an extreme sport than a restful slumber. There are vivid nightmares and dreams, astral travels, book writing episodes, and sometimes I even get out of bed and get involved. And I often incorporate the stand by light on my television. Once it was a beacon in the middle of the desert that I could never quite reach. I must say I can't ever remember waking up feeling rested. I'm usually exhausted.

But last night was a bit special because I experienced smell. And I don't remember ever having done that before. It was an awful strong perfume scent. These three ladies walked past me and I could smell the perfume.  It was very overpowering. Mind you not that I had much opportunity for dreaming last night due to the snoring coming from Daz. I think I really did come close to putting a pillow over his head.

A few years ago I was having some real doozies so I was writing them down each day. So I shall leave you with a little dream I dreamed on 13/6/04. It was a Sunday.

I was a police detective and my partner and I were in an underground car park chasing a woman doctor. (Reason unknown). I saw a woman crouching on the ground and I shot her across the side of the head. Blood was everywhere and very red. My partner told me it wasn't the wanted doctor but another police detective. Oops. Next thing I have the doctor and she is a specialist in period pain and I was asking her how to make mine better and she keeps saying she will tell me tomorrow. She keeps trying to touch my stomach and I keep slapping her. Then she reaches behind me and touches the back of my knee and tells me I have to be careful I don't get any lumpiness back there.

Woke up and had some naprogesic.

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QotD: Love at First Sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?


I fell in love with my wok the second I maganed to get it out of all the packaging.

Not the first scratched up one that we returned. The replacement one.

And I still love it today. I use it all the time and will soon be posting photos of all the wonderful things we do together.

But now, someone talk to me about slow cookers.

Because I think I might need one. They seem to be all the rage. I hear there are even slow cooker parties. I'm not sure how that works because wouldn't you be there a long time?

Anyway I want to know what is the difference between cooking something in a slow cooker and cooking it in a casserole in a slow oven?

I'm going to my mothers on Sunday and I'm sure she has one hiding in her cupboard somewhere. Just wondering if I should nick it.

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