Ragdoll kitten love

Little Archie is out of his cast and back to being all naughty and cute.



Big sister Val sits in her tunnel just wishing he’d grow up and stop being so immature.



He’s just a little bag of bones with a lot of fluffy hair. I took an antihistamine before I went to visit but my eyes were still a mess that night. They’d both been washed with special purple shampoo for white cats the previous day so they were looking gorgeous.



Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

They wouldn’t be shocked but maybe amazed, excited, interested, thrilled. Not about the family but about the world and some of the things that have happened.

I’m thinking of my grandfather, Papa, world traveller and photographer (among many other things). When he left the house he always had his camera and a bag full of film with him and when he got home he’d go up to his darkroom above the garage and develop his film or he’d post them off to Kodak and have them developed into the thousands of little slides now sitting in my mothers garage.

He died in 1989 so he didn’t see the arrival of digital cameras, phone cameras, Photoshop or the internet and I know he’d get such a blast out of it. Last week I sent photos of his to France, Canada and Germany and I can just picture the look on his face and the little – well I’ll be damned – laugh he’d have if he knew.

I think he’d even get a laugh out of everyone thinking they’re a photographer these days, throwing a filter or some HDR on a shot and getting hundreds of people liking whats basically a crap photo on Instagram. I’m sure he’d have fun using some of the filters and software out there but his photos don’t need it because he had a good eye and patience and Kodachrome colour which has stood the test of time. They usually just need a bit of a clean up, scratches removed etc.

These are two of my new favourites (although that changes every week). They were taken in Aden, South Yemen (which is now The Republic of Yemen) which now seems like a strange place to go for a holiday, especially a family jaunt. I love, love the red parasol in the first one – she looks as if she just dropped in from another time and love everything about the second one, especially granny in her pink frock and the signage. These were taken in 1964.



Deep fried mac and cheese

We don’t really eat mac and cheese here in Australia. Well I don’t and no one else I know does and you don’t see it often in recipe books or magazines so we don’t eat it seriously, not like you guys in the USA seem to. Maybe it’s because we don’t have that yellow cheese here, maybe that’s the secret to a good mac.

However I’m open to new ideas so when I saw a recipe for brie mac and cheese I thought I’d make it. Well it wasn’t very nice and I ended up with bucket loads of it. I don’t eat or cook a lot of pasta so maybe it was the fault of the cook that it was a bit bland but I wasn’t prepared to throw away so much food the next day so I had to decide how to make it more interesting. Having had three kids I knew from experience that a surefire way to get something eaten is to either wrap it in puff pastry and bake it or crumb it and deep fry it so I rolled the mass into balls, double crumbed them then deep-fried them and they were pretty damn good I must say. I still had a lot of the original mix to throw away though – my eaters draw the line at third night leftovers.

brie mac and cheese balls

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Spend some time with little funny face Chicken Little, she’s a clown. Anyway you can’t be depressed or cranky or upset around her because she picks up on it and it makes her all worried and nervous.

Chicken Little


This is the ship we were on. Our room was about half way along on the second top-level. It was fully booked out and it holds 2600 people plus staff – there seemed to be an abundance of them.


Cruising is good if you like to gamble because once you get into International waters those pokies turn on and they never seem to go off. There’s also a casino onboard if you’re into that.


We spent most of our time walking about outside although on Saturday it was just too windy and cold. They had to shut down the water slides that day because it was too windy up there but on Friday and Sunday this one was pretty popular.


Or you could go for a run around the running track. There was mini golf up there as well. After I took that photo I couldn’t get back down the stairs because the wind was pushing me back so hard, I had to go around the other side to get down.


Or just walk around the lower deck – which we seemed to do endlessly. The pools were always busy but no way I was getting in them with 2000 other people.


This was my favourite room inside – the jungle room, because it was nice and quiet. More of an alley really, it lead up to an arcade room and ran along both sides of the ship. I don’t think anyone else even knew it existed. It was on one of the lower levels and right up the front so you could sit there and read in peace or have a drink or get away from the queues. You queue up a lot on a cruise; to get on and off, to get food, to get into shows, to get on the water slides, there’s a lot of lining up.


Lol, that’s my husband walking along up there – he always looked as if he was on a bit of a tilt, don’t think he ever quite found his sea legs. I found mine alright but then couldn’t get rid of them when we got home. Spent the first day walking into walls, it was bizarre.


The ship leaves Sydney harbour at 6.30pm but you can start getting on board at 12. I didn’t think we needed to be on it for 6 hours just sitting at the terminal so I chose 2.30 because we had to make a three hour train trip beforehand and 2.30 tied in with it. By the time we got on the place was packed, the pools were full and the bars were cranking out the cocktails.

We had the Opera House on one side

Sydney Opera House

and the Harbour Bridge on the other

Sydney harbour bridge

and Circular Quay was just off to the side

circular quay

and when we sailed out I managed to see Luna Park. When you cruise (on this ship anyway) you pcik if you want an early dinner seating or a late. I picked late as the early one started at 5.30 which is really just after lunch. So when we sailed out at 6.30 we were almost the only people standing out there watching the Sydney skyline go by because everyone else was inside eating dinner.

Luna Park

As I mentioned yesterday – the sea is big – and it just keeps on keeping on. This was the Tasman Sea so it was windy and freezing for most of the weekend. We went almost to Tasmania and then back to Sydney. I always carry a beanie in my bag as my ears ache if I’m out in the wind, even if it’s summer and I can tell you that I was the only person out of 2600 who had a warm head on Saturday.