The last 500 metres of my walk is killer, if Daz comes with me he has to bring his ventolin.

Once you get to the top of the steps you go around to the right and end up near that old building right up in the top right corner.


The steps are at a really awkward distance apart as well; I have to take two steps on one then one on the next and when I’m coming down I feel like a little pony daintily trotting down because it’s the same thing – 2 steps then one and you can’t go too fast as it’s really steep. I can never quite work out if I want to step down with my left foot or my right either.

Back down a hill past the end of the beach where not many people go. The water has been crystal clear and it’s still pretty warm in. All those little dots on the horizon are coal ships waiting to come into the harbour – 24/7 they come in and out, depending on the tides.


Finally back on flat ground up near one of the main beaches and the canoe pool there on the left. I have no idea why it’s called the canoe pool and I’m yet to see one in there; what you do see are kids and lots of them. The pool is really shallow and built-in and massive and it’s perfect for little kids. There’s supposed to be a map of the world on the bottom but I think it’s all covered now.


I can’t believe this autumn – we’re going to be in for a shock when winter finally turns up.


Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

Make entry into the public swimming pools free – or at least affordable.

I live about 200 metres from an olympic sized pool but I never go because it costs me $4.80 to get in. Mind you I wouldn’t dip my toe in during school holidays, shudder at the thought of all those awful children peeing and spitting in there. If I want to swim I drive ten minutes to the beach and use one of the two enormous ocean baths that are free, parking is free as well but can be hard to find at times. In fact I might go in this afternoon because it is a stiflingly hot day today.

It just seems a little unfair that the people with less money who live out in the hot burbs have to pay $5.00 for a dip while the people who can afford to pay over a million for a house by the sea get to use the ocean baths for free.

Newcastle Ocean Baths

The week that was

First swim of the year

Merewether ocean baths


Was a refreshing 18 degree water temp

Merewether ocean baths


I was going to swim in the ocean but (excuse my shadow) there were bluebottles everywhere. They were small but there were a lot of them.

blue bottles


And although I don’t believe they have ever killed anyone they do give you one hell of a nasty sting, the sort that makes you sick in the tummy and gives you a back ache.  It’s the tentacle you have to watch out for – it has little poisonous barbs on it.

blue bottle



I had a roam about the rock pools but the only creature I saw in there was this dog having a bit of fun trying to catch things.

dog playing in rock pools


This week I also saw my first bush fire of the season


And my first capsicum of the season.


I also made a good pumpkin curry.

pumpkin curry


And some delicious cheesy garlic bread.

cheesy garlic bread


And of course I gave Chicken Little a tickle.