Bills, bills, bills

I just received an invoice from one of our suppliers for 29 cents which seems kind of petty.

Considering they had to pay 70 cents for a stamp to post it you have to wonder what the point was.


sorry we missed you – NOT

I just found in my mailbox one of those little cards from australia post. The ones that say – sorry we missed you, but we tried to deliver a parcel, but you weren't in, so now you can wait until 3pm and drive to the post office, stand in line for about half an hour and get the bloody thing yourself.

He's not sorry he missed me. In fact I don't think he even tried to see me. I think he drove as close as he could to the mail box and put the card in there without even getting out of the car. I don't think he came anywhere near my doorbell. And I don't think it's the first time he's done it.


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