I’m sure there have been worse ideas

but after having tasted Vegemite chocolate yesterday I’m hard pressed to think of them.

I think it’s something people will either love or hate. I bit off half a square and then spat it out so I’m in the hate camp, my husband would have eaten the whole block (if I hadn’t of thrown it in the bin).

Now I don’t like Vegemite but even so I just wasn’t expecting it to be so Vegemitey. I thought they put on the pack that it was Vegemite but inside it was really going to be gooey sweetness like salted caramel or something but it was like chocolate with runny Vegemite in it. I was definitely wishing I’d bought the new pretzel one instead.



An injury

Lizzies little kitten has been unwell while I was away. He had torn ligaments in his knee which required him wearing a cast for a week. He didn’t like it and stopped eating and started losing weight and the vet thought he might have had a virus that wasn’t showing up in blood tests and in general he just caused a whole lot of worry and upset for Lizzie. She was leaving him at the vets during the day while she was at work so they could basically force feed him and keep an eye on him.

He seems to have really picked up since Wednesday though. He had the cast taken off and the knee seems ok and he’s been eating well so maybe he just wasn’t happy about the cast weighing him down.

Look at the poor little bubba, he’s so sweet even with that huge leg.


Crossed wires

I’ve just finished watching the final season of The Wire and it’s left me feeling very frustrated. I feel as if I need another season to come along and make me feel better but of course the characters are all either dead now or out of a job so that’s not happening. Except Marlo of course, he survived and he’s one of the things frustrating me the most as he just had no character or personality (until the last five minutes). It was a hard act to follow the Barksdale crew because they all had so much character and we saw more of their personal and family lives whereas the Stanfield mob just went about mumbling and shooting people. At least Slim Charles survived, maybe he can go and kill Marlo for me and also, making Dukie use heroin was very uncool writers.

I don’t know if it ever aired here and if it did I never saw, read or heard anything about it. The only reason I became aware of it now was because I watch The Walking Dead and when I read that three actors from The Wire were in it I went to the local library to see if they had it on dvd.

I liked the first four seasons (some more than others) and I was just wondering, was it popular in the USA when it aired there? Since I started watching it I’ve read two novels that referenced it so I’m guessing it had some kind of following so why only five seasons? Besides the fact everyone was dead or crooked.

So I need something else to watch now – what’s good? I like police dramas but I don’t like to spend too much time lurking about the lab or the courtroom. I liked Cold Case a lot when it was around and I watched a lot of years of the original CSI and Dexter was mostly good and I’m not into comedy or doctor drama. And I don’t want anything that went for so many seasons it died a painful death.

Kiss kiss

I don’t like shaking hands with people – I don’t know where their hands have been.

And I definitely don’t like being kissed by people when I greet them – it’s totally unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with saying hi, how are you and smiling nicely. Unless it’s family because that’d be a bit formal.

But the people who really annoy me are the ones who come in as if they want to kiss but then turn their heads at the last second so it’s like you have to kiss them on their cheek when they were the ones who wanted the damn kiss to begin with. Then you just have this awkward brushing of cheeks moment because I’m not kissing them.

School days

Here I am with my sister Min heading off to our school bus stop, probably about 1977.

I’m the one with long hair. Look how short my dress is!! And look at those big ugly ports we had to carry about. Big heavy things they were, everything sliding about in them. No wonder we all have bad backs now. And varicose veins probably from those long socks we had to wear held up with elastic that must have blocked the circulation.

school days

The driveway wasn’t really that long but it seemed to go on forever on a hot summer day. Sometimes there’d be a goanna in the tree on the right down the end that I’d run past. Dad always said not to stand still or they’d run up your leg. I never knew if he was joking but I wasn’t going to take the chance. I saw a brown snake crossing the road once and there was a magpie in the next paddock so sometimes it was a bit like running the gauntlet.

I loved that cardigan. I wore it for years, until the sleeves ended up around my elbows. I think my grandparents brought it back from one of their trips. Maybe it was a hand me down from one of my sisters, I think one of them had a red one.

Say chia’s

I thought kale and quinoa were the most terrible tasting of the so-called super foods but then I tried Chia seeds and those things are truly awful. They have absolutely no flavour and when mixed with liquid they have the texture of mucus.

The only thing I found to be super about them was the price tag.

Hello 2015

Goodbye 2014 – shut the door on your way out.

I didn’t do anything on new Years eve, I never do. I don’t make resolutions either but people always seem to ask what they are so you have to have something up your sleeve. Last year I said it was to do more colouring in, which I did but it didn’t turn out to be as much fun as I was hoping. Also I ended up with a colouring in injury so had to take a couple of months off. It seemed to exacerbate my tennis elbow which hadn’t really been a problem for a couple of years. Maybe I grip the pencils too tightly. Anyway I always seemed to stuff up a picture in some way. I’d slip out of the lines or be almost finished then decide to introduce a new colour which totally messed it up or just use so many colours it looked as if I must have been tripping when I did it.

This year I plan on giving up raw garlic. I really am just not enjoying that any more. A couple of weeks ago I made this nice (looking) little green salsa to go with some beetroot and feta puff pastries I made and that night I couldn’t sleep due to the smell of garlic. It was on my hands and I must have touched my face and then my breath was so bad I was up at 3 am brushing my teeth and eating breath mints but nothing helped. I even thought I’d have to have a shower and wash my hair as the smell just seemed to be oozing out of my pores, I’m sure the whole room must have developed a funky smell. It happened once before as well so no raw garlic in 2015.

I think it’s going to be a good year. I don’t like to get too excited about things but I’ve had five bad years so I think this one should be okay and a horoscope I read did say I was owed a good year. I haven’t had whole, terrible, depressing years but each one had a major event that took a few months to recover from.

I’m sure you’re interested so I’ll run through them

2010: Our best friends of twenty years separated and divorced and she took up with a new man and the friendship just turned to shit then became non existent somehow which was really sad.

2011: My husbands father died and after the police broke down his door to find the body they also discovered he was an epic hoarder. That took about six months to sort out and it was sad really that he ended up that way.

2012: My father died after twelve depressing months of hospitals and aged care homes.

2013: My husbands step father died – who was more a true father than the hoarder.

2014: We almost lost our business and our jobs when our business partner and supposed friend tried to shaft us and I lost my last bit of trust in friends, most of who turn out to be not that friendly.

So I’m happy enough to put up with the usual downs that come in a year but I can do without a major upheaval this time thanks. I’d like it to cool down a bit as well please, an early Autumn would be appreciated.