Summer – day 1

One day of summer gone and Chicken Little has already killed a blue tongue lizard. I’ve never owned a dog who could tolerate having one in the backyard. There’s no dealing with Chicken once she’s seen one either, she’s completely in the zone and won’t listen to you when you try to call her off. She’s so savage about it all as well but she’s just protecting her territory and the Jack Russell was bred to be a hunter so she’s good at it.

I’ve heard people call them Ratters as they’re good at catching vermin and when I was still living at home we had people bring them out to the farm to catch rabbits. They’re so quick.

Hopefully she never comes across a snake though as she goes right in at the head. With snakes they need to get at the back of the neck so they need a bit of practice but with brown snakes you don’t tend to get many chances. Cats are good at fighting snakes because they’re fast but patient; dogs tend to jump about barking and being foolish. I remember Mum once telling me that if I saw one of our dogs or cats fighting a snake not to move or talk to them as it would distract them and they’d get bitten.

There have already been quite a few dogs bitten by snakes here this season. I read in the paper that this year they’ve already had the same number of dogs in at the vets as they had during the whole snake season last year. $1000 for the anti-venom as well, ouch. Mainly dogs walking in parkland off leads protecting the owners.

The snake handler has been pretty busy as well. Had to laugh when I read his quote in the paper. ‘‘It’s summer and it’s Australia, if you don’t like snakes I suggest you head to Ireland,’’ Mr Delooze said.


Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Spend some time with little funny face Chicken Little, she’s a clown. Anyway you can’t be depressed or cranky or upset around her because she picks up on it and it makes her all worried and nervous.

Chicken Little