Ragdoll kitten love

Little Archie is out of his cast and back to being all naughty and cute.



Big sister Val sits in her tunnel just wishing he’d grow up and stop being so immature.



He’s just a little bag of bones with a lot of fluffy hair. I took an antihistamine before I went to visit but my eyes were still a mess that night. They’d both been washed with special purple shampoo for white cats the previous day so they were looking gorgeous.



Whitsunday holiday snaps

Flying high on our way to Hamilton Island


Where you land on a teeny tiny little short runway surrounded by water. As soon as that plane hit the ground those brakes were working.


We stayed at Peppers at Airlie Beach which is up on quite a hill. To walk from the road to our room involved two steep hills and 250 steps. The last hill is so steep they have a rail to hold on to otherwise you’d topple over backwards.


Nice view though. I was wondering if people who live up there ever get sick of waking up and just seeing blue sky every day.


We went out to Whitehaven Beach which always makes the top 10 beaches in the world list (judged by who knows). But it was beautiful and I haven’t used any filters on these next shots, it really was that clear and pristine. Special sand this beach has that doesn’t get hot so you can walk on it and not have to leap about like usual – something to do with a high level of silica which also makes it extra white. Except that if we saw anyone topple overboard we were to call out man overboard. Not that anyone would have heard it due to all the noisy chit chat and yelling going on.



The black splotches here are butterflies; there were thousands of them floating about. I was trying to learn about them on the boat ride back but there was a large tour group of elderly very loud Greek ladies who did not shut up the whole trip so I didn’t hear much of what the Captain had to say.


Summer – day 2

Stick spiders have started showing up as well. They’re harmless but tend to occasionally get amongst the washing on the line and end up in the wardrobe which is always a surprise.


Interesting things, they hold their legs together so it looks as if they have four and they have huge eyes sticking out the side.

Redskin Vodka

Making some Redskin infused vodka for Christmas. You mix it with lemonade then wait for your teeth to fall out.

I think Redskins are an Australian lolly (or candy). Fairly firm but chewy rasberry flavoured sticks that must have caused a lot of cavities and loose teeth over the years. I was more of a Milko fan myself.

redskin vodka

Push a pack of them into a bottle of vodka and they dissolve in a day or two – strain the scum from the top and you’re ready to go. Skittles are meant to be good as well.

Bluebottle invasion

About a month ago we had an invasion of bluebottles on one of the beaches.


They were thick like this over the whole beach, I’ve never seen this many clumped together before and I certainly didn’t venture on to the beach without my shoes on.


They were swept in during storms and the thought of being out swimming in the water with them all brushing past made me shudder, don’t want to think about how many stings you could have endured. Probably enough to send you into shock.

It’s the tentacle that stings you and they can be metres in length and they have little barbed hooks on them so once they wrap around something they dig in and release a poison that hurts like hell I believe. I’ve never been caught by one and this sight has really put me off going in the water this summer.

They’re pretty things though – prehistoric looking. You can see the long tentacles here, they don’t even need to be attached to the body to latch on either, they can just float around on their own. Ouch.

bluebottles3Council had to clean them up in the end with tractors as they were getting a bit rank.

Treasure Hunts

I’ve been doing some shopping for Mum lately.

It’s easier for me to zip about, find a park, get in and out of the car and the shop than it is for her to drive the hour into town, find a disabled car park near the shop she needs, wrangle her walker out of the boot then get into the shop, possibly dealing with steps or impossibly heavy doors that you need to pull open towards you while at the same time getting your disabled body and walker one-armed through them and then deal with some moron salesman who seems to think you’re feeble minded just because you’re elderly.

Honestly, whoever makes plans for disabled people in this town is obviously as nimble as a spring lamb and as hearty as an ox.

So anyway she sends me these random lists of things she needs, I go find them, then she drives in and we meet for lunch and I hand over the goods and she hands over the cash. I always feel as if I’m on a treasure hunt as she sends me a list but often doesn’t give clues as to where I should go to get the goods. Yesterday I set off to find:

2 nighties (with short sleeves, specific brand)
samples of four make-up foundations (specific brands)
LSA mix, psyllium husks and rice bran straws for her super healthy breakfast mix
macuvision vitamins (to keep her eyes sharp)
a dvd player that can also record two tv shows at the same time (she likes her crime dramas)

We met at a garden nursery up the highway today for the handover as she wanted to have a look about and they have a nice cafe. The whole place is beautifully set up and it was a glorious spring day. They have these huge garden sculptures that you can buy and I’d love a giraffe but we have a tiny yard and it would have to stand looking over the fence onto the highway. It’d probably become a traffic accident hazard.

local-wildlife heritage gardens nursery

I thought I could just get a little monkey but then I said to Mum that Chicken Little would probably think it was real and spend all day out there barking at it.


It was nice to see some sun and colour. I took this photo because I was taking photos with my phone and Mum asked me if it was good enough to stop the butterfly here from spinning (it was spinning around like crazy on that wire) and yes, I guess it was, it’ll do me anyway. Hello spring.

butterfly garden ornament

Junk Food Junkie – it’s all about the chips

What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.

For me it’s all about hot chips. Not fries – chips. Fries are what you get at McDonald’s or KFC or other places like that and they’re just little worms and scraps that are usually either too soft or too crispy. Chips come from a fish and chip shop, or a corner takeaway or from the kiosk at the beach. They’re thick and actually have potato in the middle and they come in a cardboard cone and they’re good with just a bit of salt. My daughters like to cover theirs in tomato sauce or gravy, gravy is ok but you have to be in the mood and it has to be good gravy – not tinned stuff.

These ones came from Nobbys Beach kiosk and had a bit too much salt and a few too crunchy but they did the job. I had some really good ones a few weeks ago from Bar Beach Kiosk – they were really chunky, lots of potato.

hot chips