Ragdoll kitten love

Little Archie is out of his cast and back to being all naughty and cute.



Big sister Val sits in her tunnel just wishing he’d grow up and stop being so immature.



He’s just a little bag of bones with a lot of fluffy hair. I took an antihistamine before I went to visit but my eyes were still a mess that night. They’d both been washed with special purple shampoo for white cats the previous day so they were looking gorgeous.



Whitsunday holiday snaps

Flying high on our way to Hamilton Island


Where you land on a teeny tiny little short runway surrounded by water. As soon as that plane hit the ground those brakes were working.


We stayed at Peppers at Airlie Beach which is up on quite a hill. To walk from the road to our room involved two steep hills and 250 steps. The last hill is so steep they have a rail to hold on to otherwise you’d topple over backwards.


Nice view though. I was wondering if people who live up there ever get sick of waking up and just seeing blue sky every day.


We went out to Whitehaven Beach which always makes the top 10 beaches in the world list (judged by who knows). But it was beautiful and I haven’t used any filters on these next shots, it really was that clear and pristine. Special sand this beach has that doesn’t get hot so you can walk on it and not have to leap about like usual – something to do with a high level of silica which also makes it extra white. Except that if we saw anyone topple overboard we were to call out man overboard. Not that anyone would have heard it due to all the noisy chit chat and yelling going on.



The black splotches here are butterflies; there were thousands of them floating about. I was trying to learn about them on the boat ride back but there was a large tour group of elderly very loud Greek ladies who did not shut up the whole trip so I didn’t hear much of what the Captain had to say.


Winter is coming


Not. It was about 100 degrees yesterday, she’s just being a drama queen. She’s one of those people who look out the window and see rain and clouds and assume they need stockings and a jacket to leave the house.

Not that I’ve ever tried putting stockings on Chicken Little.

Junk Food Junkie – it’s all about the chips

What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.

For me it’s all about hot chips. Not fries – chips. Fries are what you get at McDonald’s or KFC or other places like that and they’re just little worms and scraps that are usually either too soft or too crispy. Chips come from a fish and chip shop, or a corner takeaway or from the kiosk at the beach. They’re thick and actually have potato in the middle and they come in a cardboard cone and they’re good with just a bit of salt. My daughters like to cover theirs in tomato sauce or gravy, gravy is ok but you have to be in the mood and it has to be good gravy – not tinned stuff.

These ones came from Nobbys Beach kiosk and had a bit too much salt and a few too crunchy but they did the job. I had some really good ones a few weeks ago from Bar Beach Kiosk – they were really chunky, lots of potato.

hot chips


This is the ship we were on. Our room was about half way along on the second top-level. It was fully booked out and it holds 2600 people plus staff – there seemed to be an abundance of them.


Cruising is good if you like to gamble because once you get into International waters those pokies turn on and they never seem to go off. There’s also a casino onboard if you’re into that.


We spent most of our time walking about outside although on Saturday it was just too windy and cold. They had to shut down the water slides that day because it was too windy up there but on Friday and Sunday this one was pretty popular.


Or you could go for a run around the running track. There was mini golf up there as well. After I took that photo I couldn’t get back down the stairs because the wind was pushing me back so hard, I had to go around the other side to get down.


Or just walk around the lower deck – which we seemed to do endlessly. The pools were always busy but no way I was getting in them with 2000 other people.


This was my favourite room inside – the jungle room, because it was nice and quiet. More of an alley really, it lead up to an arcade room and ran along both sides of the ship. I don’t think anyone else even knew it existed. It was on one of the lower levels and right up the front so you could sit there and read in peace or have a drink or get away from the queues. You queue up a lot on a cruise; to get on and off, to get food, to get into shows, to get on the water slides, there’s a lot of lining up.


Lol, that’s my husband walking along up there – he always looked as if he was on a bit of a tilt, don’t think he ever quite found his sea legs. I found mine alright but then couldn’t get rid of them when we got home. Spent the first day walking into walls, it was bizarre.


The ship leaves Sydney harbour at 6.30pm but you can start getting on board at 12. I didn’t think we needed to be on it for 6 hours just sitting at the terminal so I chose 2.30 because we had to make a three hour train trip beforehand and 2.30 tied in with it. By the time we got on the place was packed, the pools were full and the bars were cranking out the cocktails.

We had the Opera House on one side

Sydney Opera House

and the Harbour Bridge on the other

Sydney harbour bridge

and Circular Quay was just off to the side

circular quay

and when we sailed out I managed to see Luna Park. When you cruise (on this ship anyway) you pcik if you want an early dinner seating or a late. I picked late as the early one started at 5.30 which is really just after lunch. So when we sailed out at 6.30 we were almost the only people standing out there watching the Sydney skyline go by because everyone else was inside eating dinner.

Luna Park

As I mentioned yesterday – the sea is big – and it just keeps on keeping on. This was the Tasman Sea so it was windy and freezing for most of the weekend. We went almost to Tasmania and then back to Sydney. I always carry a beanie in my bag as my ears ache if I’m out in the wind, even if it’s summer and I can tell you that I was the only person out of 2600 who had a warm head on Saturday.



feeling the heat

I used to love summer; I couldn’t get enough of it. If someone told me when I was 20 that when I was 50 I’d like winter better I would have scoffed at the suggestion.

But winters are getting milder here and summers are definitely getting hotter every year. Just last week Adelaide was the hottest city on the planet; that just seems like crazy talk and the poor tennis players at the Australian Open were running around for hours in Melbourne in 50 degree heat (celsius).

7.30am here as I write this and it’s already stifling and clammy. Well I’m clammy, the atmosphere is stifling.

The best place to be on a hot summers day is in at the harbour where it can be 10 degrees cooler than it is here at home and only a 10 minute drive away. Or an 8 minute bus trip if you plan on whiling away the afternoon at a bar that serves cold wine and a good view.

That’s what I did on Friday afternoon with a good friend of mine. I love our old working harbour, you can sit there for hours watching the comings and goings. I’ve turned into one of those weird old people who enjoy going in and watching the coal ships come in. You always know when one’s coming or going because a helicopter goes up first and takes the pilot out and he’s lowered onto the ship then soon after you see the little tugs heading out; they always look so happy about their job.

School holidays end here soon and I’ll be able to head back to the pool. I usually try to avoid it when it’s swarming with kids.




Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

This is always an annoying sort of question because a lot of the time tattoos don’t have a story behind them. Sometimes you’re like me – you just like tattoos so you get them, nothing deep and meaningful to them.

Here I am yesterday looking all summery, ready for our family christmas get together at Mums.


You can only see a couple here but I have tattoos on my back, wrists and forearms and only one has any sort of meaning to it. I have a love heart with three flowers on a vine wrapped around it on my arm which I got after I decided I was only having three kids but it caused nothing but trouble really. For years when they were all small my kids fought over which one of them was the flower at the top of the heart and my 21-year-old still occasionally points to it and says – that’s me isn’t it.

Besides two swallows that I had done on my wrists a couple of years ago all mine were done about twenty years ago. I went in and had a fairy done on my back then got home and thought – that was stupid, I’m only ever going to see it when I’m looking over my shoulder in a mirror. So I went back and said I wanted a butterfly on my arm and was told that they didn’t tattoo girls arms – so that’s how old I am! Anyway there was a bit of a discussion and they decided that they would so that was that.

I’ve never been sorry about getting them and I don’t care about them being old and wrinkly when I am like people seem to think I will be. I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore though because damn it does hurt and I’m all soft and pathetic now and when I had the swallows done I wondered how the hell I’d sat through all those hours years before.