Happy birthday to me

Remember when I turned 50? Well today I turned 51, so I guess that was a year ago which seems impossible to believe. 2014 flew by but I think 2015 is going to be supercharged and disappear before we know it.

I don’t get too excited about birthdays any more but I’m feeling grateful today for having another one. We have a funeral on Tuesday for someone we knew who died very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was only 53 and it really was the case of her being there one second and gone the next so today I’m just trying to be grateful for being here and being able to spend time with family and friends.

Here I am fresh home from the hospital and about to be dropped by my sister Min. That’s what happens when you’re the fourth child; your parents become very reckless with you.



Bodo Norway 1957

This is my favourite photo for the moment. I love everything about it; the clothes (especially the ladies in their white coats), the car being unpacked, the general hustle and bustle and the dog! I love that dog. I think he belongs to the little boy and has been told to sit and wait and he’s just sitting there and waiting amongst all the bustle. I also love the fact that the cafe there – Lovolds Kafeteria is still operating because often when I go looking for a shop or cafe in one of the photos I find a franchise store there instead which is always a bit sad.


So this is the ferry terminal at Bodo in Norway and I’d say Nan and Papa were heading to the Lofoten Islands from here. They got around that’s for sure.

Bodø, located just north of the Arctic Circle, is the largest urban area in Nordland county, and the second-largest in North Norway. Oh gosh, I just had a look at the weather report and it’s 2 degrees celsius there today and if you’re going  – The town is known for its powerful winds, so it would be wise to bring a wind jacket.

Løvolds Kaféteria, Tollbugata 9, is one of the most traditional diners in Bodø. Serving traditional Norwegian food, as well as a very limited selection of norwegianized international food, this is considered an institution among many of the inhabitants, but mostly elders and people in the harbour scenery. Situated close to the harbour, in a fisherman’s warehouse, the view from the inner part of the café is great. Good for lunch as well as dinner. One of the cheaper restaurants in town


Taronga Zoo wharf – fifties

This is pretty cool. It was taken by Papa at the Taronga Zoo ferry wharf back in the early fifties. I was thinking early morning (because isn’t fishing best in the morning??). The guys in suits I thought were catching the ferry into the City or to North Sydney to work but they’re holding fishing rods and then there are some guys in suits sitting fishing. So then I was thinking that maybe they were fishing on their way to work but then you wouldn’t lug dead fish about all day would you so maybe it’s the afternoon after work. Or maybe they just go fishing in suits.


Back in the USSR

I found him.

The other Where am I’s seem to have been way too easy so this one should test you. Mind you I do hope someone knows a thing or two about Russian naval history and can tell me something about this banner.

This would have been taken in 1957 and I’m thinking St Petersburg but could be wrong, I’m only thinking that because there are a few photos from there although I think they might have gone to Moscow as well. I was trying to figure out what it said on his cap but then I realised it was just a really long Russian word I couldn’t translate anyway – couldn’t zoom in on it, it just goes blurry. I don’t know if he has scrambled eggs or not.

It seems pretty adventurous for a group of Australians to be travelling there at that time.



Hang about – what do we reckon about this? (ridiculously long link)




Hawaii 1957

Would this be Waikiki Beach? What’s the pinky place, is that the Royal something or other? Are we still happy with Hawaii being 1957 not 1964? And WTF is WordPress up to?? I went away for three days and came back and they’ve changed – again. My reader page seems to be set up for the visually impaired.

Vintage Waikiki Beach

Australia in the fifties

This and that in black and white from the fifties.

Dubbo Show – everyone here is waiting for the Queen to arrive.

vintage Australian black and white photos, vintage outback Australia, Dubbo NSW

Waiting for the Queen

This is Nan and Paps front yard after the  floods which I think were in 1955

Vintage Australian photography, vintage flood water photos, Narromine NSW, vintage black and white photos

Nans front garden during the floods in the fifties.

Here’s dad patting or feeding a kangaroo and I’m pretty certain this would have been at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland which I haven’t been to myself and it probably costs a fortune for entry now anyway. In this photo it would have only been open for about five years.

Australia, kangaroo, vintage Australian photography, vintage black and white photos

Mum looking thoughtful in the Hotel garden.

vintage Australian photos, vintage Australia, Queensland in the fifties

This is Vera, we were related to her somehow but I’ve never really been sure how – my sister would know as she and my other sister were closer to her. She lived in Sydney but used to enjoy coming to visit my grandparents and doing a spot of fishing out at the river on the property of another couple who were related to us in a way I never really knew.

vintage fishing photo, vintage Australian photography

Vera at narromine NSW