theres a bear in there

Daz and I have been out tonight and we just walked home. We always walk when we go out, because you can walk from our house to just about anywhere in town in about 30 minutes. But it was a bloody cold walk tonight. My ears are hurting. And I feel as if I've had about five fags just from inhaling the smoke from everyones chimneys. And I always yell a lot on the way home. At people driving past mostly. And I love to check out the cheap furniture shop on the main street because they have the tackiest window display you could ever hope to see. Tonights theme was Bears and Wolves. Lovely round glass tables. But instead of a leg, they have a, say a wolf head. Or a roaring bear holding his paw out with a piece of glass on top. Classy. I took some photos but its old school film so I can't show you yet. Since the dawn of digital cameras I've become very careful when using film. Don't want to waste any.

But back to the question – How cold is it?

Well, too bloody cold for a dog to get out of bed in the morning thats for sure.

Betty sleeps inside but when Daz goes to work at 7.30am he puts her outside, in her bed, with her blanket on. When I went out side at 9.30am this is how I found her. I think it was about 0 degrees.



She wouldn't even look at me. Stayed there until lunch time. 'Tis a dogs life.


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