Whitsunday holiday snaps

Flying high on our way to Hamilton Island


Where you land on a teeny tiny little short runway surrounded by water. As soon as that plane hit the ground those brakes were working.


We stayed at Peppers at Airlie Beach which is up on quite a hill. To walk from the road to our room involved two steep hills and 250 steps. The last hill is so steep they have a rail to hold on to otherwise you’d topple over backwards.


Nice view though. I was wondering if people who live up there ever get sick of waking up and just seeing blue sky every day.


We went out to Whitehaven Beach which always makes the top 10 beaches in the world list (judged by who knows). But it was beautiful and I haven’t used any filters on these next shots, it really was that clear and pristine. Special sand this beach has that doesn’t get hot so you can walk on it and not have to leap about like usual – something to do with a high level of silica which also makes it extra white. Except that if we saw anyone topple overboard we were to call out man overboard. Not that anyone would have heard it due to all the noisy chit chat and yelling going on.



The black splotches here are butterflies; there were thousands of them floating about. I was trying to learn about them on the boat ride back but there was a large tour group of elderly very loud Greek ladies who did not shut up the whole trip so I didn’t hear much of what the Captain had to say.



storm season

Well storm season has arrived. And it always storms at about 3pm – just when I have to go out and pick people up from school. Betty will spend the next month cowering on the lounge wondering what the hell is going on out there. We lost our roof one year in a wild hail storm. I sat with the kids in the middle room of the house and we had a tin roof at that time so the noise was incredible. Lizzie was only about three then and she entertained us throughout the storm with some wild bashing on the piano. I imagined that was what it was like on the titanic. But with better musicians. I think just about everyone in town got a new roof that year. New cars as well.

Daz missed it as usual. He's missed all the natural disasters we've had. Always out of town working.

So this was the sky yesterday. Time to stock up on candles.







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