I’m sure there have been worse ideas

but after having tasted Vegemite chocolate yesterday I’m hard pressed to think of them.

I think it’s something people will either love or hate. I bit off half a square and then spat it out so I’m in the hate camp, my husband would have eaten the whole block (if I hadn’t of thrown it in the bin).

Now I don’t like Vegemite but even so I just wasn’t expecting it to be so Vegemitey. I thought they put on the pack that it was Vegemite but inside it was really going to be gooey sweetness like salted caramel or something but it was like chocolate with runny Vegemite in it. I was definitely wishing I’d bought the new pretzel one instead.




Well it’s good to know that if I did happen to eat chocolate that I could now eat Easter eggs for three months of the year.

They hit the shelves early in the new year but they’ve really amped up the advertising now.

Hot cross buns are out as well.



Day three

Someone please come and shoot me now

Or bring chocolate – cadbury, plain milk will do – although a few of those little cadbury turkish delight easter eggs would do the job

The only time I eat chocolate is when I have a migraine and then I seem to have this need to wolf it down. And strong sweet coffee. I know they're migraine triggers for some people but they help mine. Just takes the edge off for a while. Something to do with the caffeine restricting blood vessels my doctor once told me. Nothing makes them go away though, I've tried all sorts of different medications but you really just have to see them through. Three days is about the usual though so I should feel better tomorrow. Then you have the migraine hangover for a day. Just feel trashed.

At 11am I will have some medication that should knock me out for a few hours. I have to wait until 11 because our chemist only opens for one hour on Sundays – 11 till 12.

I always tell myself that I need to keep some pills on hand so I have them when I need them but then I never do. And I've passed the migraines onto Lizzie so she's dipping in the packet every now and then and using them up. Poor thing. She had her first migraine when she was about 13, I'll never forget how she looked. She couldn't even move her head.

My father used to have migraines. But then he had a mssive stroke and he tells me he hasn't had one since. Seems a pretty harsh trade though.

And I must say that a migraine combined with tinnitus is not so much fun. The tinnitus pulsates with the throbbing of the migraine.

Going to track down food. Carbs help as well.


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smoked salmon tower

I finally got to have my smoked salmon and avocado tower today. The last two times I've been to the pub they've been out of smoked salmon.

The first time Daz went to order and came back and said

they haven't got any smoked salmon

how can they not have any smoked salmon? The supermarket is right across the road. If I go to the window I can probably see the salmon sitting in the fridge over there.

The next time we went Daz went to order and the guy said

We haven't got any smoked salmon

How can you not have any smoked salmon mate, the supermarket is right across the road. Why don't you send someone over to buy some.

Oh, we can't do that. Its a health and safety issue. I can't send someone across the road in case they get run over while they cross the road. Thats the rule.

crazy crazy world we live in

But, today I had lunch with my girls and I got to have the bloody stack. And it wasn't bad at all. You really have to like salmon and avocado to have it. And it needed something a little crunchy or crispy in there. All the salmon and avocado was a bit mush mush. But well worth the wait. Had a nice wasabi dressing.



And Kimba's dessert was pretty impressive as well.


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hidden chocolate, broken pasta

Daz bought me home some chocolates yesterday but it seems that he's hidden them now, so I can't actually have one. He had his hands behind his back and said – pick a hand, so I said – right one, and he went – ohhhh, as if I'd picked the wrong one. But the one I picked had $400 in it and the other had a small box of lindt chocolates. Go figure, another example of how the male brain works. Well the one I live with anyway. Guess I didn't pick them so I don't get them.

Now I was going to say this is the best soup I've had. But I eat a lot of soup so, hmm, maybe not, but definitely up there. And easy. And thick – I like thick soup. Not a fan of the consomme.



And I even kept the recipe.

Broken Pasta Soup

2 teaspoons oil
1 large brown onion
2 garlic cloves
2 medium carrots peeled, chopped
1 medium zuchinni chopped
2 celery stalks chopped
2 x 400g cans val verde diced italian tomatoes
1 litre chicken stock
50g dried thin spaghetti broken into 6cm lengths
2 tablespoons parsley
basil pesto to serve

You know I never know why they just don't say 800g tin tomatoes. Anyway

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium high heat. Add onion and garlic, cook stirring three minutes or until onion has softened. Add carrot, zuchinni and celery. Cook stirring occasionally for five minutes. Add tomato and stock, cover, bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer stirring ocassionally for thirty minutes or until vegetables are just tender. Season with pepper, add spaghetti and simmer uncovered for fifteen minutes or until spaghetti is tender. Stir in parsley and serve topped with pesto.

Sorry Christine you won't be able to have it.

I didn't have it with the pesto.

I'd really like a lindt with my coffee. I'm going to have to get my little ladder and go looking.

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