Cairo Egypt 1957- Papa’s vintage photo box

Cairo markets

cairo market

Still in Cairo but no idea where. I like it though because it’s kind of Art Deco.

Cairo 1957


Papa’s Slidebox – Vintage Photo Art Tiles

So, here are some new tiles I made using Papa's slides.

Not sure if I've posted this one before but I'll post it again anyway because it's one of my favourites.

Golden Gate Bridge 1957



Chief Yellow Horse. Now I think this is along Route 66, but not sure exactly where. I did know, but I've forgotten. I did a bit of research but I think this has gone and there is a new building in its place. This is one of my favourites as well. It must have been 1957 as well. Because I'm sure they only went to America once. Although that car looks more '65.



This one was taken in Avoca, Ireland, in 1965



And this was 1965 as well. Cairo.


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