Papa’s Vintage Photo Box

These  photos were all taken by my grandfather, Papa, in the fifties and sixties when he travelled the world with his voigtlander camera in one hand and my grandmother in the other. He was a bit of an adventurer my Papa; he lived in a tiny country town in NSW, Australia at the time so when he, along with my Nan, decided to set off over the seas, to see what was on the other side, it really was an epic voyage. He died in 1989 and his photos sat in my mothers garage for fifty years before she asked me if I wanted to look at them before she threw them away. I hope he’s getting a bit of a thrill out of the fact that his photo’s are out there being seen by the world. Whenever I think of him I can just imagine his wonder at the world today; the Internet, digital cameras, Photoshop, he would have loved it all. But back then in 1957, it was just a voigtlander and a roll of film.

Want one to hang on your wall? Contact me or buy via Etsy


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