The longest town name in the world I believe; llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It’s in Wales, Anglesey to be exact which is where Kate and William hang. Translated it means – Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave.

I also discovered that the name was used in the 1960’s cult film Barbarella (Jane Fonda) as the password for Dildano’s headquarters and that it’s now on the Anglesey Monopoly game.

This would have been late fifties – it looks like a giant car outside a tiny building with a massive name.

Anglesey Wales

If you want to learn how to say it here are the instructions


Australia in the fifties

This and that in black and white from the fifties.

Dubbo Show – everyone here is waiting for the Queen to arrive.

vintage Australian black and white photos, vintage outback Australia, Dubbo NSW

Waiting for the Queen

This is Nan and Paps front yard after the  floods which I think were in 1955

Vintage Australian photography, vintage flood water photos, Narromine NSW, vintage black and white photos

Nans front garden during the floods in the fifties.

Here’s dad patting or feeding a kangaroo and I’m pretty certain this would have been at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland which I haven’t been to myself and it probably costs a fortune for entry now anyway. In this photo it would have only been open for about five years.

Australia, kangaroo, vintage Australian photography, vintage black and white photos

Mum looking thoughtful in the Hotel garden.

vintage Australian photos, vintage Australia, Queensland in the fifties

This is Vera, we were related to her somehow but I’ve never really been sure how – my sister would know as she and my other sister were closer to her. She lived in Sydney but used to enjoy coming to visit my grandparents and doing a spot of fishing out at the river on the property of another couple who were related to us in a way I never really knew.

vintage fishing photo, vintage Australian photography

Vera at narromine NSW

Not impressed

The two old girls on my new banner photo always make laugh. So not impressed with something; wonder if it was the food, the service or maybe it was the husbands. Whatever it was the waitress looks as if she’s running away from them as fast as she can. Someone appears to be getting their lunch in a dog bowl; hopefully a dog and she can carry a mighty big tray of tea pots and cups – impressive.

Sweden – 1957.

Vintage Hawaii – Waikiki 1964

I really can’t believe that I was born in a year that is considered to be vintage. In a couple more I’ll be antique!!

These are photo’s Papa took in Hawaii in 1964 (I’m guessing that but I’m presuming he went to Hawaii when he went to the USA which was in 1964 and not the 1957 trip). Actually yes it must have been ’64 because they brought back Hawaiian shirts for the other three kids; I’ve seen photos.

Vintage Waikiki beach 1964Vintage Hawaii

They weren’t polaroids they were slides but I turned them into polaroids using a nifty little app on my computer.