The WordPress Move

Well, that happened a little quicker than I thought it would. Luckily I already had a wordpress blog up my sleeve from a few years ago. I used it for a while after the australian site us aussies were using closed down. In fact I think I can now officially be called a blog whore. I've been everywhere man.

So I've already backed up my vox stuff to wordpress. It was easy, fast and pain free. So after the 30th September I'll be at


and yes, you can call me Jane from now on. Thats my name, not my phone number as they say. Cat is a nickname obviously. It comes from a deep and long lasting love of Catdog I had. Still have actually. Or you can still call me Cat. But not dog thanks.

So everyone in the hood make sure you put up a link soon to your new home so I can stay in touch. Put you on my blogroll. Not to be confused with my tummy roll.

Honestly, I'm cracking mysealf up this morning. Must be the warm weather.

Ok, I'm going to go and see who's done the wordpress move and I'll subscribe to your blogs throuhg the readomatic option. Thats what you do. On your dashboard on the left there's a readomatic option.

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Betty is unwell

Poor Betty has pneumonia. She's been rattling around all weekend with a nasty cough so off she went to the vet this morning. Of course she made enough of a mini miracle recovery to try and fight all the dogs in the waiting room. She even tries to attack the dog on the poster on the wall. She usually wees on the floor in reception as well. It's all just too much for her.

So apparently she has a lot of fluid on her lungs which you can very clearly hear when she breathes, and she is producing more snot than usual. Which is hard to believe really because she's always flinging great gobs of it about the place. She does these huge sneezes to release the congestion and she's very effective at it. Sometimes someone will be standing near her and you see this snot fly out and land on their trouser legs. Depending on who it is you either say nothing and smirk to yourself, or laugh loudly and say – sucked in, you just got snotted.

Anyway we're hoping the old girl makes a recovery over the next two weeks because if she doesn't it means something dark and nasty that we won't talk about yet.

It's a lousy day here as well. Cold and rainy. So she's inside here with the airconditioner on keeping her warm. She's got a pretty decent snore going on at the moment.

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The Transfer

Ok. So I’m going to transfer all my Vox posts over here to WordPress. Because we have this fear that Vox is in it’s death throes and all our years of rubbish and rambling will be lost. So please excuse me if I clog up all the recent posts area. If there is such a thing.


So whats the go.

Where's everyone going to piss off to then?

WordPress, Blogger or somewhere else?

That's when Vox takes it's final gasp I mean.

There has been talk by many of jumping ship, so I want to make sure I jump in the right direction. Because I can't swim.

Damn, my 'a' key doesn't work. I'll have to go back and fill them all in.

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Miss Independence

Miss Lizzie finally has her braces off. So life can resume for her and the orthodontist can add a new room to his holiday home in Venice. Or do whatever it is he does with all my money.

I have to say it took me a few days to get used to the teeth. I haven't seen them since October 2008 and they were kind of startling at first. Almost two years in braces!! Shudder at the thought. She tells me she has forgotten how to smile. But she was looking forward to eating some KFC without having to spend the half hour afterwards picking it out of her braces.

In what turned out to be even more thrilling news she got her P's yesterday. And she's bought herself a car. She's loving it. She went for about six drives last night.

At the moment she's down at the showground. She drove there and its only about 70 metres away.

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running to the corner

Today I ran 8kms in 47 minutes. Go me. My goal is to run 10kms in 60 minutes and then 50 minutes. Apparently this is what sorts out the runners from the joggers. Joggers I read, just jog about aimlessly.

I've been following this programme on a site called Time to Run. You can basically start from never having moved from the lounge and end up running sub 40 minute 10k's. And it all sort of happens so gradually that you don't even notice your pace or fitness getting better until you realise you can run 8 kms in 47 minutes.

There's a lot to think about when you're running. Head up, shoulders down, hands relaxed, hips forward, land on the ball of the foot.  I used to think so hard about it all that I'd almost fall over but now I just sort of let it happen. And anyway have you seen Paula Radcliffe run. She has the weirdest style with her head banging about all over the place yet she keeps winning marathons. I felt a bit like I was channeling her the other day.

I do my running on the treadmill because there's nowhere to run here. I've been around town looking but can't find a suitable track. This means I spend a lot of time watching music videos. Which has lead to me developing a strange crush on the lead singer of Gyroscope. I don't even know what his name is. But they have a new album out so I've seen a lot of them. And their music has a pretty good running pace.

For a while there I thought he might replace Tex in my affections.

But. Nah. Ain't gonna happen just yet.

Gotta love a man who can wear a pair of brown slacks

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dunny games

I always wonder about people who read books on the toilet. And when I'm at the library borrowing books I often wonder if they've been read on the toilet. It disturbs me more than a little. Because for one thing, there has to be about a hundred places in your house or yard that would be more pleasant places to sit and read than the dunny is. And the other thing is that if you have time to sit and read on the toilet, then you weren't ready to go. Or maybe you need to up the fibre intake a little.

But whatever, some people, for whatever reason, read on the toilet. I wasn't aware though that people played games on the toilet. I'm pretty sure that I never want to go to any ones house and see this set up beside the loo. I mean c'mon!!

And yes, you can buy it for $25.00


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