sin city rain

sorry, couldn’t think of a more interesting title. Anyway, I saw this challenge to do your take on the sin city effect. Which is basically the rain. Which is a bit tricky. I checked out a few tutorials and found to be the best. So here’s my take on it. I’d like to thank matilda for being my model again and jessie for taking snaps. I’d also like to point out that I don’t make them eat peas every day.



cocktail hour

I’ve just made these cocktail recipe magnets that I like very much. I’ve used bushes from dan at who I think is designing the best brushes out there. If you’re looking for flower/foilage brushes they are absolutely the best. So you can snap up a set of the magnets at – just check under magnets for a few others as well. Shameless I know.



I read once that if you take a group of people (lets say 5) and make them all live in the same house for many years (lets call them a family), that when they all finally leave home, they decide to write books about their childhoods, that someone reading all these books would think these 5 people had all lived in different houses. I often think this would be very true for my family. I only see my siblings (and my parents) a couple of times a year and it’s not because we don’t like each other. When we get together it’s a great day. I like them just fine.

siblings2.jpg doodles and sorry whoever drew the frame I didn’t write your name down.

elsie goes grunge

Where do all the unspoken words go? Well I was wondering this (because I saw the nescafe ad and all the words are floating down drains etc etc) and I thought, I could combine that with the next elsie challenge, which was to use someone elses handwriting. And because I follow the rules in a very very abstract way I’m using mia’s scribblings. I don’t actually know mia. I got them from dafont. I love – you could stay lost in there for months and happily fill your computer with thousands of fonts. So here you go – Use Someone Elses Handwriting. Thanks Mia.


961 kilojoules……….

Thats a lot. Thats how many in a smirnoff black label vodka – 335ml. That’s almost a meal! Thats a LOT of bootcamp dvd’s. And thats a shame. Because I really would have liked one tonight to soothe my throat, that feels like it’s been freshly and violently rubbed with sandpaper. No wonder you start to feel podgy after a week of having a couple of them every night! They’ll have to be special occasion only. Sigh.


Play with photo proportions

 Poor Betty. She looks like an evil hound from the baskervilles. She’s quite sweet really. Well, besides her snot problem and her stomach thats covered in moles and her continual foot chewing and the fact that she always stinks, regardless of how many baths she has. So, she’s not very sweet at all really. This is elsie challenge 32 for me. Play with photo proportions. I think I’m square with now.