One book, I swear it was one book. I bought a book written by a woman who was an alcoholic and now Amazon keeps hitting me with that headline on the homepage accompanied by a long list of books advising me on how I can kick the drink.

A few months ago I bought my mother a shirt on-line and she’s a plus size. Now every time I go on FB they suggest that I might like lap-band surgery or to join various dieting groups.

About eight years ago I bought my daughter a toga on E bay for a fancy dress party she was going to and still to this day when I login there’s a whole page full of togas there awaiting my perusal based on my previous purchases.

I know that people use the internet to invent fake identities for themselves but it seems that somehow I’ve inadvertently reinvented myself as an overweight alcoholic with a penchant for wearing togas.


Get the what out of where?

Every morning I flip to a new day on my desk calender and often there’s a little message on it that I wrote to myself months ago. Usually I have no idea what it’s about as I don’t give myself enough details at the time of writing.

Today’s made me laugh – it said

Get breasts out of freezer!!

1 womb for dinner please

My iPhone autocorrect is still making me send crazy messages to people. A while ago I was sending Daz a shopping list of things I needed him to pick up for dinner and I was after a wombok and my phone assumed that what I really wanted was

1 x womb

No, not tonight thanks. So I went back to fix it and then my phone thought I must have felt like some tasty roadkill for dinner because it changed it to

1 x wombat

You really can’t send a message off to anyone without checking it first because people end up thinking you’re mad. My daughter sent me a text saying she was leaving early on Saturday for the shops and I sent her one back asking her if she was going to hit the shops early for the sake when I meant sales. She just ignores me now, has done ever since I sent her a text saying that bunnies are shit when in fact I think bunnies are lovely, I thought vinnies were shit.

I was just sending Daz the details of some varnish I wanted called Plasti-Cote clear enamel and I sent it off telling him I wanted some Plasti-Kitty clear enamel – god knows what the man at the hardware shop is going to think.

It’s like I have some kind of texting Tourette’s.


Are you a special kind of woman?

If not, you still might be able to get your hands on a copy of Woman’s World to help you out with the answers to those vital 150 topics.

Found in a Wheels Magazine from 1966

Woman's World


Vintage Ads

My my, how times have changed.

Although having said that, I don’t think this one would pass muster these days. Lol.



God Save the Queen (from woolly bums)

I’m going through some of Mum’s photo’s and this one made me laugh. This was in 1954 when the Queen visited Dubbo.

I wonder what she thought about all those sheep bums pointing towards her and I wonder why they were anyway because sheep actually do have quite nice faces to look at.

I found another picture in the National Museum archives and there was a great long rown of bums she walked past.


Feels sweet

Me personally, I find the moment of revenge that gives me the most pleasure is the one when I turn the kitchen taps on and off when someone is in the shower. I can feel this sort of jokers smirk on my face every time I get to do it because I know, from many burnt faces and cold hair rinses, that nothing ruins a good shower more than someone constantly turning those bloody taps in the kitchen on and off while I’m in it.



Four words people – working like a dog.

Which sometimes seems a strange thing to say because if we were talking about Chicken Little that would mean lying around in your pyjamas all day watching movies and eating snacks. I’m sure that job exists somewhere but not on my radar just at the moment.

I’ve been working more like one of my fathers sheep dogs; running about, rounding things up, looking for things that are out of place, keeping things in line.

The days are ticking by though and my course will be finished in one more week and then it’s PARTY TIME!!

And why the frackola does wordpress always want to put my pictures at the top of a post even when I clearly want them at the bottom – been happening for a week now. Not, happy, Jan!!