Meet the family

Chicken Little’s family that is.

Dirty Rat, Crazy Cow and American Pig (from left to right in case you couldn’t pick them).

I should point out that American Pig did in fact come from America (my daughter bought him in New York, it’s not just a general sort of opinion of ours) and is in fact possibly a sheep. But a sheep from New York seems strange and American sheep just doesn’t have the same ring to it anyway. And yes I do realise that Crazy Cow is not a cow.


She loves her little buddies and likes to roll all over them and release her pheromones on them and I have to say that for a very small dog she has very mighty pheromones. So, every now and then I round them up while she’s not watching and put them through the machine but of course as soon as they come back in they get an extra good rubbing. I need that washing detergent man on the adverts to knock on my door and ask me for the dirtiest thing in my washing basket.


loving the gas

Chicken Little can never be too close to the heater. She’s my little canary in the mine shaft; if she drops dead it’ll possibly be due to carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s time for the rest of us to leave the house. I have an alarm in the hallway as well as we’ve never had a gas heater before and I was so worried about us all dying in our sleep after reading so many stories where it happened that I’ve hardly been game to use the damn heater – even though it’s lovely and warm. Her little ID tag gets so smokin’ hot you can’t touch it and I was thinking one day it’ll probably brand her. I do put the bed further away but the little bugger pushes it closer – she refuses to put her bum on the ground though – it always has to be in contact with comfort.


In other news I see WordPress is all fucked up again.

The gang’s all here

Chicken Little likes to keep her family together.


We always find them together like this – Teddy, Cat, Dirty Rat and Crazy Cow. Sometimes I get into bed and find them up in my pillows which is not always nice.

She loves her little family. She’s not meant to have Teddy – he belongs to my daughter but Chicken kept sneaking into the bedroom and adding him to her pile so I think Jessie just gave in and let Chick keep him. There is also a monkey that came from Dubbo Zoo that she would like to have but I noticed he has been put way up high.



I have a new phone so I’m testing the WP app to see if its as crap as it was on the old phone.

The weather here has been diabolical and autumn started by letting us know she wasn’t joking this year. Rain has been flogging down for two days and the house keeps springing leaks.

I went from stinking hot one day with the aircon on to needing a jumper the next. Chicken little is not impressed and is lying next to me shivering. I can feel her little body shaking even though she has her hoodie on. Lol she’s a funny one.


So far so good WP