Winter is coming


Not. It was about 100 degrees yesterday, she’s just being a drama queen. She’s one of those people who look out the window and see rain and clouds and assume they need stockings and a jacket to leave the house.

Not that I’ve ever tried putting stockings on Chicken Little.


Attention seekers

Chicken Little doesn’t like it when I read, she thinks the attention should all be on her. She doesn’t like it when we use laptops either. She tries to squeeze in between you and the laptop then sits there tapping at it or your arm until you giver her a pat or a tummy rub.


My daughters cat Bubba was helping her with homework yesterday. She’s not quite as in your face as Chicken.



The weather here has been appalling. Ridiculously hot day after day but it’s the humidity that’s the killer, it just sucks the energy right out of you. Massive storms every night for the past week (Sydney in particular has copped it) but they don’t bring any relief from the heat.

It’s turning out to be a perfect season for the paralysis ticks we get here so everyone should be checking their cats and dogs vigilantly although they’re almost impossible to find. Two people I know have had dogs treated within the past month and another lost a calf. The way you usually know your pet has a tick is because they become paralysed in the back legs then it moves through the rest of their body until they can’t even blink or then breathe. One of the dogs was a fluffy little thing and they’d shaved her almost to skin and still couldn’t find the tick which was eventually found hiding between two eyelashes. Terribly expensive to treat and often fatal.

Also my brother had a dog bitten by a brown snake; it develops in a similar way to the tick with the legs developing paralysis so they didn’t realise until later in the day that she’d been bitten while they’d been out working cattle. She survived but needed two or three doses of the anti -venom and a few days on a drip. She is known as being a snaker but she’s getting a bit older now and the reflexes aren’t quite as good.

So summer is kicking along here as usual. Bring on Autumn please.

Summer – day 1

One day of summer gone and Chicken Little has already killed a blue tongue lizard. I’ve never owned a dog who could tolerate having one in the backyard. There’s no dealing with Chicken once she’s seen one either, she’s completely in the zone and won’t listen to you when you try to call her off. She’s so savage about it all as well but she’s just protecting her territory and the Jack Russell was bred to be a hunter so she’s good at it.

I’ve heard people call them Ratters as they’re good at catching vermin and when I was still living at home we had people bring them out to the farm to catch rabbits. They’re so quick.

Hopefully she never comes across a snake though as she goes right in at the head. With snakes they need to get at the back of the neck so they need a bit of practice but with brown snakes you don’t tend to get many chances. Cats are good at fighting snakes because they’re fast but patient; dogs tend to jump about barking and being foolish. I remember Mum once telling me that if I saw one of our dogs or cats fighting a snake not to move or talk to them as it would distract them and they’d get bitten.

There have already been quite a few dogs bitten by snakes here this season. I read in the paper that this year they’ve already had the same number of dogs in at the vets as they had during the whole snake season last year. $1000 for the anti-venom as well, ouch. Mainly dogs walking in parkland off leads protecting the owners.

The snake handler has been pretty busy as well. Had to laugh when I read his quote in the paper. ‘‘It’s summer and it’s Australia, if you don’t like snakes I suggest you head to Ireland,’’ Mr Delooze said.

Kale eating beasties

These green cabbage caterpillars are turning my kale into intricate lace work.

green cabbage grubs

I don’t like kale so I don’t grow it to eat it, I grow it for the grubs. The man at Bunnings told me that he doesn’t like kale or cabbage either but that he grows a big pot of each to lure the beasties in for a feast and away from all the things he wants to eat. They do seem to love it, I think I need another pot.


Now I just need to find something to lure the tan and white strawberry eating beastie (Chicken Little) away from the strawberry patch.

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

Spend some time with little funny face Chicken Little, she’s a clown. Anyway you can’t be depressed or cranky or upset around her because she picks up on it and it makes her all worried and nervous.

Chicken Little

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

The first person I encounter every day is Chicken Little. She usually sleeps on the end of my bed and when I wake up she’s usually looking at me. She’s a funny little thing; she knows when she’s tired and puts herself to bed at about 9.30pm and I put a blanket over her and then she doesn’t move until about 6.30am. Even if she sleeps in my daughter’s room she comes in to me at about 5pm and tries to shovel herself under my sheets.

I woke up to find her sitting over me on Friday morning so I picked up my phone to take a photo of her and she did this enormous yawn. Her yawns are always epic – we often wonder how her jaw doesn’t snap. It’s like she has a flip-top head.

I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m the luckiest person alive to be able to see her funny face first thing (and usually last as well) every day.

funny dog