Ragdoll kitten love

Little Archie is out of his cast and back to being all naughty and cute.



Big sister Val sits in her tunnel just wishing he’d grow up and stop being so immature.



He’s just a little bag of bones with a lot of fluffy hair. I took an antihistamine before I went to visit but my eyes were still a mess that night. They’d both been washed with special purple shampoo for white cats the previous day so they were looking gorgeous.



An injury

Lizzies little kitten has been unwell while I was away. He had torn ligaments in his knee which required him wearing a cast for a week. He didn’t like it and stopped eating and started losing weight and the vet thought he might have had a virus that wasn’t showing up in blood tests and in general he just caused a whole lot of worry and upset for Lizzie. She was leaving him at the vets during the day while she was at work so they could basically force feed him and keep an eye on him.

He seems to have really picked up since Wednesday though. He had the cast taken off and the knee seems ok and he’s been eating well so maybe he just wasn’t happy about the cast weighing him down.

Look at the poor little bubba, he’s so sweet even with that huge leg.


Attention seekers

Chicken Little doesn’t like it when I read, she thinks the attention should all be on her. She doesn’t like it when we use laptops either. She tries to squeeze in between you and the laptop then sits there tapping at it or your arm until you giver her a pat or a tummy rub.


My daughters cat Bubba was helping her with homework yesterday. She’s not quite as in your face as Chicken.



My daughter has bought herself a rag doll cat and she is called Valley. She’s lovely and cute but I haven’t got it in me to get attached to another animal so I’m just admiring her from afar. I didn’t want her to get a cat because they’re just such a big responsibility, any animal is and they can live for a lot of years but I couldn’t really say much seeing as how I’ve never been without dogs and/or cats. She grew up with four cats and two dogs and we set a good example by being very loving and responsible pet owners so I’m sure they’ll have many happy years together.


They are definitely like rag dolls. Lizzie sends me a photo every day and yesterday I said – do you drug that cat or something! She just flops down and sleeps deep.


This is her favourite way of sleeping on the lounge.


Too cute. I hope they have a good lint brush there.

A cat called Casey

One thing about people – they never fail to disappoint me. I know there are a lot of good ones out there but the bad ones really fuck it up for me.

Some of you may remember our neighbours cat Casey who came to live with us a few years ago. Casey had lived happily with her owners for about five years until they bought two dogs who basically ran her out of home. So she started hanging out at our place which is two doors up and of course I started feeding her because I’m a sucker for any animal in need and we’ve been doing so for about, oh I don’t know, maybe four years.

In the beginning her owners felt bad about it so they used to buy the food but that stopped pretty quickly and I didn’t really mind and she settled in living out the front of the house because Betty was out the back.

So then of course I moved away but my daughter Lizzie has still been living there and she kept up the feeding job with a few extra perks I think such as Casey sleeping inside on cold nights and expensive tinned food.

Now we’re ready to sell that house and one of my major worries has been what to do with Casey. I wasn’t just going to pack up and leave her but I didn’t really want to move her. She’s about 10 now and settled but my main concern is that our new place is on two very busy roads and there are already a lot of cats in the back alley. I wouldn’t want her to have to move here and have to fight for her spot or get run over.

Lizzie said she would take her with her but the two apartments she has looked at are both Strata title with no pets allowed. So I said to daz that he should go and talk to the previous owners and see if they would start feeding her again, I mean she doesn’t ask for much and she’s never been unwell.

Well, they said that she wasn’t their cat and they weren’t going to feed her. They said that she was old anyway and she’d probably just die if we left her and then it wouldn’t be a problem. They said to just leave her and someone else might look after her.

Seriously people I felt like going around there and punching their heads in. Maybe I’m a softie but I’d rather be like that than be a hard faced nasty mean bitch and they’ll get their payback one day (I hope).

So the next step is to talk to the neighbour next to us and see if they’ll take her on. They’re animal lovers and Casey even went and lived with them for three months a couple of years ago. It was after I put a flea treatment on her – she hissed at me and ran away and wouldn’t talk to me for three months. We used to look over the fence at her and say – hello little pussy cat – in sweet voices and she’d hiss and snarl at us then lick her paws.

Sigh – if that doesn’t work, well she’ll just have to come here, I’m not just leaving her. I spent today talking to Chicken Little about it and telling her how nice it would be for her to have a new little friend, a little ginger girl who was unloved just like she was. She looked dubious.

It seems ridiculous that my major worry about moving is the neighbours cat, lol but she’s such a sweet girl and a little survivor.

Stay tuned.

six pack

A cat we used to have, called Marnie, used to love squeezing himself into empty coke six pack boxes, wrestling about on the floor in them and then ripping the shit out of them. I’m not even really sure how he got in there, you’d imagine it wouldn’t be sitting there nice and still waiting for him to slide in although he was a small guy.

He was a stray Daz found in a paddock, sun cancer got him in the end. Bloody Australian sun, it’s not just a killer of people, we lost two cats to sun cancer. They get it on the ears and the nose, ears are easier because they can be cut off but once you see the spots on the nose it’s really just a matter of time. Vets are always saying that if you have white dogs you should be sunscreening them during summer or keeping them inside but can’t imagine many cats would be co operative about it.

Funny little Marnie, another little cat character I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.