I’m sure there have been worse ideas

but after having tasted Vegemite chocolate yesterday I’m hard pressed to think of them.

I think it’s something people will either love or hate. I bit off half a square and then spat it out so I’m in the hate camp, my husband would have eaten the whole block (if I hadn’t of thrown it in the bin).

Now I don’t like Vegemite but even so I just wasn’t expecting it to be so Vegemitey. I thought they put on the pack that it was Vegemite but inside it was really going to be gooey sweetness like salted caramel or something but it was like chocolate with runny Vegemite in it. I was definitely wishing I’d bought the new pretzel one instead.



Whitsunday holiday snaps

Flying high on our way to Hamilton Island


Where you land on a teeny tiny little short runway surrounded by water. As soon as that plane hit the ground those brakes were working.


We stayed at Peppers at Airlie Beach which is up on quite a hill. To walk from the road to our room involved two steep hills and 250 steps. The last hill is so steep they have a rail to hold on to otherwise you’d topple over backwards.


Nice view though. I was wondering if people who live up there ever get sick of waking up and just seeing blue sky every day.


We went out to Whitehaven Beach which always makes the top 10 beaches in the world list (judged by who knows). But it was beautiful and I haven’t used any filters on these next shots, it really was that clear and pristine. Special sand this beach has that doesn’t get hot so you can walk on it and not have to leap about like usual – something to do with a high level of silica which also makes it extra white. Except that if we saw anyone topple overboard we were to call out man overboard. Not that anyone would have heard it due to all the noisy chit chat and yelling going on.



The black splotches here are butterflies; there were thousands of them floating about. I was trying to learn about them on the boat ride back but there was a large tour group of elderly very loud Greek ladies who did not shut up the whole trip so I didn’t hear much of what the Captain had to say.


Crossed wires

I’ve just finished watching the final season of The Wire and it’s left me feeling very frustrated. I feel as if I need another season to come along and make me feel better but of course the characters are all either dead now or out of a job so that’s not happening. Except Marlo of course, he survived and he’s one of the things frustrating me the most as he just had no character or personality (until the last five minutes). It was a hard act to follow the Barksdale crew because they all had so much character and we saw more of their personal and family lives whereas the Stanfield mob just went about mumbling and shooting people. At least Slim Charles survived, maybe he can go and kill Marlo for me and also, making Dukie use heroin was very uncool writers.

I don’t know if it ever aired here and if it did I never saw, read or heard anything about it. The only reason I became aware of it now was because I watch The Walking Dead and when I read that three actors from The Wire were in it I went to the local library to see if they had it on dvd.

I liked the first four seasons (some more than others) and I was just wondering, was it popular in the USA when it aired there? Since I started watching it I’ve read two novels that referenced it so I’m guessing it had some kind of following so why only five seasons? Besides the fact everyone was dead or crooked.

So I need something else to watch now – what’s good? I like police dramas but I don’t like to spend too much time lurking about the lab or the courtroom. I liked Cold Case a lot when it was around and I watched a lot of years of the original CSI and Dexter was mostly good and I’m not into comedy or doctor drama. And I don’t want anything that went for so many seasons it died a painful death.

School days

Here I am with my sister Min heading off to our school bus stop, probably about 1977.

I’m the one with long hair. Look how short my dress is!! And look at those big ugly ports we had to carry about. Big heavy things they were, everything sliding about in them. No wonder we all have bad backs now. And varicose veins probably from those long socks we had to wear held up with elastic that must have blocked the circulation.

school days

The driveway wasn’t really that long but it seemed to go on forever on a hot summer day. Sometimes there’d be a goanna in the tree on the right down the end that I’d run past. Dad always said not to stand still or they’d run up your leg. I never knew if he was joking but I wasn’t going to take the chance. I saw a brown snake crossing the road once and there was a magpie in the next paddock so sometimes it was a bit like running the gauntlet.

I loved that cardigan. I wore it for years, until the sleeves ended up around my elbows. I think my grandparents brought it back from one of their trips. Maybe it was a hand me down from one of my sisters, I think one of them had a red one.

Life’s a beach

Summer is sizzling along here but I can’t cool down in the sea as all our local beaches have been closed for six days now due to a five metre great white shark cruising close to the shore. A couple of dolphins have washed up with chunks taken out of them and hopefully the next body washed up won’t be a human as some people take on the – it won’t stop me from going into the water – attitude and continue to swim.

It’s annoying really because what’ll happen is some idiot will go out and get killed and then they’ll have to go out and kill the shark when all it was doing was what comes naturally.

You expect to find sharks swimming about in the ocean, you can’t be surprised when one shows up or attacks someone if they’re known to be in the area.

What I do have a problem with is this. Last week a brown snake came swimming out of the ocean on a popular beach a couple of hours up the coast. Now that’s just all kinds of wrong. Deadly animals should just stay in their appropriate zones.


(don’t know who took the photo sorry – it’s all over the web)

Another Christmas done and dusted

Well for me anyway.

I know some people here in Australia are probably gearing up for a night-time celebration and others on the other side of the world are so behind the times they haven’t even started the party yet but this year we had a breakfast get together which meant I was back lying in bed in my new pyjama pants by 11am. Seriously, why didn’t I think of this years ago!!

Now that my kids are all older they have boyfriends and girlfriends and friends and other things to see and do so I thought if we had breakfast/brunch together then they could go off and do whatever else they wanted. So I said to my daughter – what time will you be here  – and she said – 8am or a bit earlier! So it was an early kind of start.

I went to the beach for a while at lunch time as it was so hot and humid I figured a swim would be nice however it was as usual,  you drive 10 minutes to the beach and it’s about 15 degrees cooler and there’s no way you’re getting in that water. I mean the water temperature is sitting at 19 degrees at the moment so it needs to be pretty damn hot before I get in.

Meet ups with the family over the next couple of days then bring on the new year.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone. Peace, joy and goodwill – spread the message people, it seems to be getting lost.