Ragdoll kitten love

Little Archie is out of his cast and back to being all naughty and cute.



Big sister Val sits in her tunnel just wishing he’d grow up and stop being so immature.



He’s just a little bag of bones with a lot of fluffy hair. I took an antihistamine before I went to visit but my eyes were still a mess that night. They’d both been washed with special purple shampoo for white cats the previous day so they were looking gorgeous.



12 thoughts on “Ragdoll kitten love

  1. As the “baby” brother of 2 sisters that are six & eight years older than me, let me tell Val … he’ll never grow up and stop being immature …

    (You need to go to a scuba shop and buy a mask and air tank before your next visit)

    • Lol – she just looks at him like he’s a weirdo. Definitely need a mask, I can feel all those tiny hairs floating into my lungs and up my nose.

  2. Scuba gear has become surprisingly fashionable, I think. Or maybe you just need immersion therapy. Tape Archie to your upper lip because moustaches are fashionable, too. An Arch-stache would top the charts in every way.

    • Lol, that’s basically what my daughter did. She said the first few days he was there she really noticed it in the nasal passages but after a week with him sleeping on her chest she was totally oblivious about it.

  3. I don’t know why, my allergies to cats don’t seem to be the hairs, but those microbe thingies in their fur. And it seems to change on whatever food they are. Aunts cat, an average tabby, I could cuddle with for hours on end – zero issues. He refused wet food. Norwegian forest cat, with standard wet/dry food – not an issue. My own cat – semi allergic. Customers rag dolls – 10 min in the same room with them and I wanted to run.

    But they both look absolutely lovely. Obviously 😉

    • It’s the saliva on the hair isn’t it that causes the problem? So what they’re eating affecting you seems reasonable. I think with the rag dolls it’s because they have so much hair and it sheds everywhere no matter how much you wash and brush. I think these ones mainly eat dry food but given half a chance they’ll eat whatever they can get their paws on.

      • Ha! That could be another explanation, thank you! Did not consider this. I was more thinking in terms of what is expose through the skin. You know like humans detoxing through sweating etc. Yes, I loved to expose my cat to all kinds of food, watching curiously what she would eat and what reject. Obviously a set table and given the chance of no one watching ….lol

  4. I thought that perhaps it was the dander in the skin that upsets peoples’ allergies. I am not allergic, so I thought nothing of reaching out to my computer with “grabby hands” towards that puffball and coming close to breaking my knuckles.

    • Yes, dander as well. I only started developing allergies in the past ten years. Prior to that I was immune to everything, now I just about have to live in a bubble.

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