One book, I swear it was one book. I bought a book written by a woman who was an alcoholic and now Amazon keeps hitting me with that headline on the homepage accompanied by a long list of books advising me on how I can kick the drink.

A few months ago I bought my mother a shirt on-line and she’s a plus size. Now every time I go on FB they suggest that I might like lap-band surgery or to join various dieting groups.

About eight years ago I bought my daughter a toga on E bay for a fancy dress party she was going to and still to this day when I login there’s a whole page full of togas there awaiting my perusal based on my previous purchases.

I know that people use the internet to invent fake identities for themselves but it seems that somehow I’ve inadvertently reinvented myself as an overweight alcoholic with a penchant for wearing togas.


13 thoughts on “Recommendations

    • Ha – well a toga does look quite accommodating and comfy. I can’t imagine my daughter wearing a muumuu to a dress up party lol.

  1. eBay thinks I’m really interested in bathing suits because I once bought a CD there by a band called the Bathers. Apparently bathers is what some people call bathing suits. Probably Australians, now that I think of it.

    • Not me, I’m from NSW and we call them cossies or swimmers (cossies being short for swimming costume). I think they call them bathers in Western Australia and Victoria (togs in Victoria as well).

  2. On Amazon, you can go back to that order and click on the link that says “Do not use this for recommendations”. I don’t recall the wording, but it’s a tick box. I had to do that when I was buying things for the husband. No idea how to clear up the others.

    It might be kind of jolly to be boozing it up in a comfy outfit, honestly. Toga party at Jane’s!

    • That is so handy to know, I’ll have to go find it because they’re always suggesting I might like books or DVDs about the tv show 24 as well since I bought a book for my daughter about 15 years ago.

      Party at my place – YAY.

      • I clear things out periodically. I bought my BFF a book on fancy sewing techniques and it kept suggesting complicated crafts when my ability is basically putting buttons back on.

        Also I have to clear Recently Viewed whenever I get links to ridiculous products or funny reviews. I really don’t need suggestions for sex toys.

    • Let alone car. I bought a new car about 18 months ago and ever since Suzuki have been sending me emails and brochures whenever they’re having a sale.

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