I’m sure there have been worse ideas

but after having tasted Vegemite chocolate yesterday I’m hard pressed to think of them.

I think it’s something people will either love or hate. I bit off half a square and then spat it out so I’m in the hate camp, my husband would have eaten the whole block (if I hadn’t of thrown it in the bin).

Now I don’t like Vegemite but even so I just wasn’t expecting it to be so Vegemitey. I thought they put on the pack that it was Vegemite but inside it was really going to be gooey sweetness like salted caramel or something but it was like chocolate with runny Vegemite in it. I was definitely wishing I’d bought the new pretzel one instead.



22 thoughts on “I’m sure there have been worse ideas

  1. I’ve never had vegemite. I suppose I should try it just for the experience, though that would mean I’d have to buy a whole jar of the stuff. (One supermarket here does carry vegemite and timtams. I guess there are enough Australians here to create a market for them.)

    Is it salty, sweet, vegetable-puree-like? Do I spread it on bread or crackers? How should I prepare myself?

    • It’s salty to me but I think of the tastes it’s more unami. It’s best on toast I think, very thinly spread and you have to have butter. We always see people from overseas trying it and they’re eating a spoonful out of the jar then going on about how bad it is and I feel like slapping them because you only have to look at it to know that’s not going to be good. My girls used to like vegemite eggs – vegemite on toast with a poached egg on top. People have it on toast with avocado as the creaminess balances out the saltiness (I usually have bovril though). Or on toast with melted cheese on top would be okay.

      If I was saving up my cash for one of them though I’d go with the timtams.

      • really? It’s we have several varieties of licorice specifically branded as “Australian”, which seems to mean “hell of a lot softer than what you usually get”. I tried the choc covered black licorice on a fluke (I love trying weird things) and LOVE it!

          • Comes in a bag. About 1.5″ pieces of soft black licorice… which is called “Australian style”. I don’t know what brand I was eating (the store replaced it with their own, which is horrible) but Amazon has a lot from some brand called “Wiley Wallaby”

          • Lol – funny how it Wiley Wallaby doesn’t ship to Australia. I’ve never heard of it, I’ll have to look next time I’m at the shops, see what we have here.

          • The name alone told me it wasn’t actually from AU. I had a better brand but don’t know what it was. ‘AU style’ seems to simply mean ‘soft’

      • It seems like a wildly popular item to sell here since anything Australian is uber cool. I should check at World Market to see if they’re carrying it. And maybe buy it, try a piece and throw the rest away in support and solidarity with you!

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