Visiting The Whitsundays

I’ve been away in the tropics. We stayed in Airlie beach then did a bit of Island hopping around the Whitsundays.


Wow, was it hot up there. It was strange actually because the temperature has been hotter here in Newcastle but the sun up there seems to have a real bite. I could feel my skin ageing years by the second so spent a lot of time lurking about in the shade.

When we flew out it was starting to rain here and we later discovered that it had turned into a little cyclone with torrential rain. My daughter sent me a text at 3am that night saying – It’s really windy here, I’ve never been in weather like this before. And I thought – well ok, nice to let me know that in the middle of the night but I wasn’t too worried as she is a bit of a drama queen. Then she sent me another one about an hour later saying – The side fence just blew down into the lane-way, I went out to have a look but I feared for my life so left it. So then I thought, I’d better have a look at the news back home.

It was crazy. So much flooding and damage has occurred in a large area of the region. People have died, washed away in their houses, some in cars or car accidents, towns were isolated and main highways closed due to flooding. So many trees and electricity poles down on houses and cars I can’t believe more people weren’t injured. People here are still without power almost ten days later which must be very inconvenient.

We didn’t have any damage to our house. We bought it just after the last big floods they had here so when we were looking at places you could easily see which ones had suffered water damage so we avoided them.

So I was sitting up there in paradise sipping on cocktails complaining about the heat and it all seemed like another world away. When we arrived home we flew back into another storm which was a bit hairy. It was night-time as well and I don’t like flying at night at the best of times. My husband asked me at one point if all the jolting was the wheels hitting the runway but it was just us buffeting about in the air. I always wonder why people drink on one hour plane flights, like why they can’t just sit there for an hour without alcohol but maybe turbulence is the reason.

Anyway we arrived home and I was sorry I’d complained about the heat because it was freezing here and the first thing we did was drag out the gas heater. I always think I’m going to like winter much more than I actually do.


8 thoughts on “Visiting The Whitsundays

  1. If a major cyclone hit our house, my younger daughter would have been texting me, “OMG MOM! You need to come home!!!” So your daughter is no drama queen by comparison, lol. But I’m glad you got home safely. I’ve sat on a couple of flights that nearly missed tornados and major storms, and one that was sent off to this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere because San Francisco’s airport was shrouded in fog. We had to take a bus to San Francisco but got stuck in traffic because fog had shut down the freeway going into the city. I was on the outs with San Francisco for several years after that.

    • We wouldn’t have been able to get home even if she was freaking out as the airport was closed. The roads were too flooded to drive on and her work was closed for 9 days due to no power so she had cabin fever by the time we got back – only the dog to speak to for 6 days

  2. What a lovely trip! Except for the part about … well, you know. Glad your house is upright and your daughter and dog are, too. I’m guessing they are still on speaking terms after being stuck with each other for so long.

  3. I’d seen on the news something about a cyclone in the Sydney area. I also thought I’d heard something about storms on the east coast of Australia, but apparently not where you were. But then volcanoes in Chile and earthquakes in Nepal and riots in Baltimore started up and I never heard any more news from down under. Glad everything is fine with you and yours.

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