Cute alert

My daughters new cat – Archie. Another ragdoll with lots of white hair to get over every item of black clothing I own.



10 thoughts on “Cute alert

    • Yes we had a ginger and a tabby end up with skin cancer and it was awful. Hard to keep them out of the sun but these are indoor cats so should be ok. I can’t walk into my daughters house without having a clarantyne first though – I can just feel the hair floating about and up my nostrils.

    • Hey Katz, long time no see. You’d think people who wear a lot of black would stop buying white pets. I mean we’re never going to wear white so no one leaves the house with a going over with the lint brush.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented lint brush rollers like the brushes in an automatic car wash? Set those big sticky rollers up at the front door and you’re completely unfuzzed automatically!

        What could possibly go wrong? Sometimes, I am an idea factory…

        • When I went back to study a couple of years ago we had a teacher who always said that some matter or another was – fraught with danger. That term comes to mind when I think of your automatic defuzzer.

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