Bills, bills, bills

I just received an invoice from one of our suppliers for 29 cents which seems kind of petty.

Considering they had to pay 70 cents for a stamp to post it you have to wonder what the point was.


8 thoughts on “Bills, bills, bills

  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake. What were they charging you for? A single nail? A manila folder?

    Considering that they had to have someone type up the invoice, put it in an envelope, address and stamp it, then probably walk it to the post office (or maybe the postal carrier picked it up for them?)—costing some accounting clerk about a half hour of her time, which is maybe $6 or more here in the US—-it really seems dumb. Maybe you should consider getting another supplier, if they’re really that petty or stupid.

    • Lol, can you buy a single nail? It was just some random fee to do with the hiring of gas cylinders. I’m always saying – can’t we use someone else but there’s just not much choice here. These people love wasting money and time – last week they sent me a letter telling me that our account would be due soon so maybe I should pay it now, lol. Oh – and they send every invoice in a separate envelope, so on the same day I could open 6 envelopes from them. And I’m not even kidding, one time an invoice covered two pages and they sent it in two envelopes. Does my head in – bloody eco destroyers!!

      • Maybe you’re their only customer, and they have to keep the billing department busy to make it worth having the one clerk in there, lol.

        Our neighborhood hardware store will sell you a single nail for about 30 cents, though they will point out to you that it’d be a better deal to buy a package of nails for about $1.50. I told them I only needed three nails to hang a five-foot wide framed artwork. “But you could save the other nails for another time!” Yes, but where would I store them? I have such an itty bitty place now, I don’t like anything I have to find space to store it in.

  2. I had a bank do that to me: I paid the balance in full but apparently ran up 29 cents interest in the days it took for me to pay (note: I wasn’t past due… they charged interest daily instead of waiting till the next bill). Well, if I mailed the 29 cents I was likely to run up another penny in fees so I had to go live, have them check the EXACT balance of that very minute, and close the account in person. SUPER LAME!! Never used that bank again!

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