Crossed wires

I’ve just finished watching the final season of The Wire and it’s left me feeling very frustrated. I feel as if I need another season to come along and make me feel better but of course the characters are all either dead now or out of a job so that’s not happening. Except Marlo of course, he survived and he’s one of the things frustrating me the most as he just had no character or personality (until the last five minutes). It was a hard act to follow the Barksdale crew because they all had so much character and we saw more of their personal and family lives whereas the Stanfield mob just went about mumbling and shooting people. At least Slim Charles survived, maybe he can go and kill Marlo for me and also, making Dukie use heroin was very uncool writers.

I don’t know if it ever aired here and if it did I never saw, read or heard anything about it. The only reason I became aware of it now was because I watch The Walking Dead and when I read that three actors from The Wire were in it I went to the local library to see if they had it on dvd.

I liked the first four seasons (some more than others) and I was just wondering, was it popular in the USA when it aired there? Since I started watching it I’ve read two novels that referenced it so I’m guessing it had some kind of following so why only five seasons? Besides the fact everyone was dead or crooked.

So I need something else to watch now – what’s good? I like police dramas but I don’t like to spend too much time lurking about the lab or the courtroom. I liked Cold Case a lot when it was around and I watched a lot of years of the original CSI and Dexter was mostly good and I’m not into comedy or doctor drama. And I don’t want anything that went for so many seasons it died a painful death.


11 thoughts on “Crossed wires

  1. The Wire never had a huge following in the US, which was why it died after five seasons. The critics loved it: after getting harangued by too many writers about what a great show it was, I began watching it on DVD and got hooked, albeit there were episodes that were really hard to sit through. (I’m thinking of Season 4 when they began focusing on the public schools and the number of kids who got into drugs and gangs or who just failed in the classroom for a variety of reasons.)

    I think it was just too dark for some people, and certainly it’s not for those looking for a warm, redemptive message to their crime shows. You also had to have a brain to watch the series. There are parts that get very complex, especially when the plots involved city politics crossing over with police matters.

    Has Breaking Bad made it to Australia? I think you’d like that. If you want sort of a prequel to The Wire, there’s the network series Homicide, which was made by the same creative team that wrote and produced The Wire. Homicide never got high ratings either, so it was canned after a few seasons.

    • Those poor kids, that was one of the seasons I did like. And poor old Baltimore – is it really like that? all that corruption?
      Breaking Bad has been on here but it was on pay tv so I didn’t see it. I think most Australians watched it illegally though. I know the library does have it so I’ll add it to my list. I googled Homicide, pretty sure that wasn’t on here either but it looks like something I might like.

      • I’ve never been to Baltimore, but I remember one of our Vox neighbors lived there. He didn’t have many good things to say about the city: he was there principally because he had a good job there, but he lived in the suburbs and seldom went into Baltimore except to work.

        I’ve heard the public schools in Baltimore are struggling to stay afloat. There are a lot of intervention programs there for troubled kids, but not enough for all of them.

        Homicide: Life on the Street was shown on NBC, a free TV network (meaning you have to put up with commercials every 15 minutes). I’m kind of surprised it’s so hard to find online: it’s one of those shows that became popular by word of mouth, though unfortunately, not while it was on TV. It’s available on DVD everywhere; ask your local library if there’s a set in circulation. I think you’d enjoy it!

  2. I never saw it myself, but it was fairly popular. I think it was on a “cable network” that doesn’t get the huge ratings here. Meaning it was drawing maybe less than 1M viewers instead of 5M or more.

    I like Criminal Minds … but if you like sleeping at night it might not be the show for you, lol. And I just finished watching Breaking Bad on dvd. I wasn’t as enthused about it as others were (thought it was good but not great) but it had a satisfying ending.

    • Oh yeah, Criminal Minds is on here, maybe it’s on too late for me. My daughter said it was good – she said when she was in America a couple of years ago it was always playing in the motel rooms so she saw a few then. I like sick and twisted so no sleeping problems there.

  3. I love The Wire. It was on a pay cable channel and it got a good following but it wasn’t as accessible. I watched it on DVD a few years ago. Yeah it really made me mad a couple of the things that happened, Dukie being one and Wallace being another. Oh and season 2 threw me for a loop, like who the hell are all these white people and when are they going away? I liked all the seasons, the one with the school kids was depressing. Baltimore is pretty depressing in areas, I haven’t been there in a long time but a lot of inner city school systems re in the shitter (Philly is one).
    Have you seen Six Feet Under? Michael C. Hall (Dexter) was in it. I love that show so much too. Seconding HG: Homicide was great if you can find it, it was the precursor to The Wire by the same creator. Trying to think what else. The Sopranos, I would have been better off not binge-watching that, it was too much, I hated everyone on that show pretty much though it was well written and acted and everything. I just watched a 6 part British show called The Missing a couple months ago which was really good. And a French show The Returned, which has been remade here of course because Americans are too dumb for subtitles, and subtlety (though what I’ve seen of the remake is good so far).

    • Poor Wallace, that was sad. I was really hoping Bodie would survive to the end though. One funny thing was how much weight Carver put on over the seasons, although he’s slimmed back down now in The Walking Dead.

      Six Feet Under was on my to watch list once but then the years slipped away. It was on pay tv here so I didn’t get to see it. Most things that are on HBO or Showtime etc you have to pay to watch. I watched a lot of The Sopranos but then they started showing it really late at night and I couldn’t be bothered with it. The Missing sounds good (googled it) I like Brit police shows. There’s one called Silent Witness that was really good.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Criminal Minds for years – I don’t know if you can, but try and get the earlier episodes: far superior than the new ones, in my opinion. But still highly enjoyable. And the stories are wicked dark – it was one of the things that originally drew me to the series; I’d never seen anything like it. And no sexual chemistry going on to muck things up (I used to watch CSI and am still not over the Grissom/Sara debacle).

    • The library should have them. Mum watches it and tells me she enjoys it, she said they have been showing ads for the new season which have Jennifer Love Hewitt in them (I think). Mum just refers to her as – some new girl. We like our shows dark and a bit twisted – the Brits are pretty good at that.

      Lol Grissom and Sara, that was a bit weird. I lost a bit of interest in CSI after Warwick died although my daughter reckons Ted Danson was good.

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