Happy birthday to me

Remember when I turned 50? Well today I turned 51, so I guess that was a year ago which seems impossible to believe. 2014 flew by but I think 2015 is going to be supercharged and disappear before we know it.

I don’t get too excited about birthdays any more but I’m feeling grateful today for having another one. We have a funeral on Tuesday for someone we knew who died very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was only 53 and it really was the case of her being there one second and gone the next so today I’m just trying to be grateful for being here and being able to spend time with family and friends.

Here I am fresh home from the hospital and about to be dropped by my sister Min. That’s what happens when you’re the fourth child; your parents become very reckless with you.



13 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Happy Birthday, you baby. Come see me when you turn 60! 😉

    I have a photo of my oldest, who was just six at the time, clutching her newborn baby brother. She’s sitting on the couch and has a reasonably good grip on him, but I was thinking after reading your post that I never would have allowed another child to hold my firstborn when she was an infant. Standards do get lost by the time the third one rolls around.

    • Lol, it’s the same with their diet. The first one gets all the healthy home cooked food and sandwiches cut into little fingers but the third one gets whatever you throw at them.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Since my parents apparently decided early on that I would be an only child it was my dad’s task to lose the grip on the carrier and have me rolling on the side walk when picking up my mum from the hospital. Or did they decide to better stick with one after my dad …..??

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