Kiss kiss

I don’t like shaking hands with people – I don’t know where their hands have been.

And I definitely don’t like being kissed by people when I greet them – it’s totally unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with saying hi, how are you and smiling nicely. Unless it’s family because that’d be a bit formal.

But the people who really annoy me are the ones who come in as if they want to kiss but then turn their heads at the last second so it’s like you have to kiss them on their cheek when they were the ones who wanted the damn kiss to begin with. Then you just have this awkward brushing of cheeks moment because I’m not kissing them.


16 thoughts on “Kiss kiss

  1. Once when I was a teenager a friend of my mom’s (male) did that. I had never experienced the “greeting kiss” before, and wasn’t sure what to do. All I remember is one of us turning our heads too quickly, and I almost kissed his mouth. Totally grossed me out! Then he did the same thing to her, but they did the greeting the correct way. Ever since then, I have avoided the greeting kiss! Still makes me feel kind of icky.

    • Lol – yes I think it’s even weirder with men than women. I don’t want to kiss my brother in law but he always swoops in so I try and hang back out of reach.

  2. I’m Japanese, so we don’t even hug, let alone kiss, lol. The French-style cheek kiss has always eluded me anyway: like you said, there’s that moment where a person will suddenly turn his or her head and you’re left kissing air, or an ear, or hair. I’d rather shake hands, though we’re in the middle of flu season, and working at a school, we know better than to touch hands. A smile and a “hello” work well enough!

    • Lol, well hugging is pretty awkward as well. I don’t like pressing my breasts all up against people so I try to do a sort of wide loose hug – or the one armed loop. Hands are so dirty, I want nothing to do with them.

    • Lol, well that’s the way I like to greet people except I’d say – wat up bitch 🙂
      I don’t know why women do the cheek kiss because they don’t want to mess up their lipstick or have your lipstick on them so it’s just a brushing of skin really.

    • Lol, yes being sociable has become much less appealing as I have aged. There’s this one person (woman) who always wants to kiss and she always has a really sweaty upper lip – shudder.

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