School days

Here I am with my sister Min heading off to our school bus stop, probably about 1977.

I’m the one with long hair. Look how short my dress is!! And look at those big ugly ports we had to carry about. Big heavy things they were, everything sliding about in them. No wonder we all have bad backs now. And varicose veins probably from those long socks we had to wear held up with elastic that must have blocked the circulation.

school days

The driveway wasn’t really that long but it seemed to go on forever on a hot summer day. Sometimes there’d be a goanna in the tree on the right down the end that I’d run past. Dad always said not to stand still or they’d run up your leg. I never knew if he was joking but I wasn’t going to take the chance. I saw a brown snake crossing the road once and there was a magpie in the next paddock so sometimes it was a bit like running the gauntlet.

I loved that cardigan. I wore it for years, until the sleeves ended up around my elbows. I think my grandparents brought it back from one of their trips. Maybe it was a hand me down from one of my sisters, I think one of them had a red one.


13 thoughts on “School days

  1. You two look so sweet and innocent! In 1977 I was just starting in university and wearing punk rocker outfits. I had a massive chip on my shoulder, partly because my boyfriend from my freshman year treated me so badly I cried almost daily. Looking back, I wonder why the hell I didn’t just give him the boot and get on with my life. If I could go back in time, I’d give myself a good shake and make me go to the library and study, instead of hanging out with loser men, lol.

    • Yeah – this was probably pretty close to the end of my sweet and innocent stage, lol.

      People should be studying and doing their schooling later in life. I wasn’t keen on school at all – only the sport part of it but now I’d be much more interested and able to pay attention.

      As for loser men – yikes, been there done that, shake my head now when I think of it.

  2. I’m pretty sure that cardigan was mine before it was yours….. They were really well made. Either Nan or Lois brought them back from one of their trips. Min’s was red. Nice memories.

  3. I always had the regulation jumpers, but BFF had a hand knit in blue while the school jumper was bottle green. She wore it every winter and no doubt got spoken to about it, but it was the only time in my entire life that I have ever known her to “break” a rule. It was a jumper her mother knitted, but her mother knitted all her jumpers so not sure what the pull was.

    • Yes I was wondering about the uniform rule but I can’t remember if they were strict on it or not. Maybe I had a note from Mum saying my school jumper was in the wash.

    • Yes, it is barely skimming the tops of my thighs. I thought we did have a dress length rule but that might have been the next school I moved to. We did have to wear these huge blue sports undies called Scungees under our uniforms though so at least I wasn’t flashing too much.

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