Life’s a beach

Summer is sizzling along here but I can’t cool down in the sea as all our local beaches have been closed for six days now due to a five metre great white shark cruising close to the shore. A couple of dolphins have washed up with chunks taken out of them and hopefully the next body washed up won’t be a human as some people take on the – it won’t stop me from going into the water – attitude and continue to swim.

It’s annoying really because what’ll happen is some idiot will go out and get killed and then they’ll have to go out and kill the shark when all it was doing was what comes naturally.

You expect to find sharks swimming about in the ocean, you can’t be surprised when one shows up or attacks someone if they’re known to be in the area.

What I do have a problem with is this. Last week a brown snake came swimming out of the ocean on a popular beach a couple of hours up the coast. Now that’s just all kinds of wrong. Deadly animals should just stay in their appropriate zones.


(don’t know who took the photo sorry – it’s all over the web)

12 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

    • I know – sucks how they kill the sharks.

      Lol, I freak out enough now when a bit of seaweed touches me or when I step on something suss. Brown snakes in the ocean is just not right. I didn’t even know they could go in salty water, or any water for that matter.

        • They’re fast in the water as well. The water is just too big for my liking, who knows what’s in there. It’s okay if you’re in the tropics and it’s clear and you can see the bottom. It’s the thought of blue bottles that puts me off swimming in the sea.

  1. The snake on the beach—I’m guessing it’s a poisonous sea snake come up for air?—is all kinds of wrong yes, because people on the beach tend to be dressed in very little protective clothing. I don’t think even the lifeguards would be equipped with heavy boots and snake-catching gear. I also hate to think what would happen if there were small children and dogs on the beach. The stuff of nightmares!

    Sharks always look scary on those Shark Week documentaries, but when you see them actually caught in a net or on someone’s line, they look pathetic and sad. The last time I was at the beach, I saw a man dragging a three-foot long young shark which he’d caught while fishing for sea bass. Someone asked him if he was planning to eat the shark, and he said, no, he just wanted to hang it up so he could pose for a picture with it before throwing it away. Which made me angry: he could have shot a quick photo with his phone and then let it back into the ocean.

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