Hello 2015

Goodbye 2014 – shut the door on your way out.

I didn’t do anything on new Years eve, I never do. I don’t make resolutions either but people always seem to ask what they are so you have to have something up your sleeve. Last year I said it was to do more colouring in, which I did but it didn’t turn out to be as much fun as I was hoping. Also I ended up with a colouring in injury so had to take a couple of months off. It seemed to exacerbate my tennis elbow which hadn’t really been a problem for a couple of years. Maybe I grip the pencils too tightly. Anyway I always seemed to stuff up a picture in some way. I’d slip out of the lines or be almost finished then decide to introduce a new colour which totally messed it up or just use so many colours it looked as if I must have been tripping when I did it.

This year I plan on giving up raw garlic. I really am just not enjoying that any more. A couple of weeks ago I made this nice (looking) little green salsa to go with some beetroot and feta puff pastries I made and that night I couldn’t sleep due to the smell of garlic. It was on my hands and I must have touched my face and then my breath was so bad I was up at 3 am brushing my teeth and eating breath mints but nothing helped. I even thought I’d have to have a shower and wash my hair as the smell just seemed to be oozing out of my pores, I’m sure the whole room must have developed a funky smell. It happened once before as well so no raw garlic in 2015.

I think it’s going to be a good year. I don’t like to get too excited about things but I’ve had five bad years so I think this one should be okay and a horoscope I read did say I was owed a good year. I haven’t had whole, terrible, depressing years but each one had a major event that took a few months to recover from.

I’m sure you’re interested so I’ll run through them

2010: Our best friends of twenty years separated and divorced and she took up with a new man and the friendship just turned to shit then became non existent somehow which was really sad.

2011: My husbands father died and after the police broke down his door to find the body they also discovered he was an epic hoarder. That took about six months to sort out and it was sad really that he ended up that way.

2012: My father died after twelve depressing months of hospitals and aged care homes.

2013: My husbands step father died – who was more a true father than the hoarder.

2014: We almost lost our business and our jobs when our business partner and supposed friend tried to shaft us and I lost my last bit of trust in friends, most of who turn out to be not that friendly.

So I’m happy enough to put up with the usual downs that come in a year but I can do without a major upheaval this time thanks. I’d like it to cool down a bit as well please, an early Autumn would be appreciated.


16 thoughts on “Hello 2015

  1. Oh dear, yes been there, done that, sadly got the tee-shirt. I wish you happy days.
    Noting like divorce to break up a friendship group, same happened to us some years ago. It took a long time for us to reconnect but we did and are now the ladies who lunch from time to time.
    Business – well lived that nightmare, but it led us to where we are now and I have never been happier, we have never been happier. Older wiser, smelling the roses now.
    Less is more for us now, and it is wonderful – I wish the same to you. Hugs.
    And if you want to colour outside of the lines – you do that – it is your picture!

    • Well that’s the problem though – I don’t want to go out of the lines, it just veers off there just when I’m thinking things are looking good.

  2. Maybe use thicker pencils, or switch to crayons? I’ve been drawing as a way to relax and stop thinking about all the grief of the past. Working with kindergarteners revived my interest in crayons; seeing Cy Twombly’s work with crayons convinced me that adults can use them for art as well.


    I hope this new year is tons better for you as well. We could all use a break this year: I’m fed up with one damn catastrophe after another. Let things be happy and boring for a change!

    • Yeah – I got on a roll with the catastrophes there for a while, I’m ready for a boring year.

      I do have some oil pastels that are like a crayon but I don’t use them a lot. Some of the books I colour are made of pictures that are just hundreds of little circles so they’re too thick for that. You wouldn’t believe the price of good pencils here. I’m going to ask my sister to bring me some next time she comes. I’d like some prismacolors but they’re just too expensive here – about $100 for 48.

      • Holee crap, that I
        Holee crap, that is expensive for colored pencils, even Prismacolor. Over here in the US, you can buy a set of 132 pencils for that much. I prefer going to the art supply store however and choosing individuals pencils at $1.40 each US. With those boxed sets, there are a lot of colors I have no use for. Ash grey? White? (Well, on black paper it looks cool, but beyond that white pencil is pretty useless.) Light peach, which used to be called “Flesh” until someone realized not all human beings have beigey pink flesh, lol?

        Yeah, Emjay could easily find Prismacolors for a lot cheaper than that. Don’t forget to have a good quality sharpener.


  3. 2008 A terrible accident and I’m without Him for ever … 2011, our little beautiful feerie left us. 2014 My father died …
    I would love not to pronounce best wishes to anyone… Of course, I wish the best but it’s always with the fear of the worst.
    I prefer not to expect something special and to share special moments, day by day.
    This day is calm, fresh, softly rainy and I’m invited in the oldest Library in Paris : “Bibliothèque Forney” ! I’ll try to write a note for all of you.
    Many loves

    • I prefer not to expect something special and to share special moments, day by day……… I feel that way as well. I like to be positive but not cocky or over confident about things. As you get older you learn that nothing is certain in life or forever and it’s best just to let life roll on as it will.

  4. 2015 will turn out fine for you, I feel it in my waters.

    Have you tried Zentangle? I find it quite soothing, like colouring. I’m having a bit of a laugh at your garlic escapades though…I love me some garlic, but yeah that smell ends up everywhere.

  5. 2015 is going to rock for me since I’ll be looking into getting a colonoscopy in March. Talk about getting a clean (and violently nauseous) start.

    I intend to continue with a habit I started last year, which was taking walks in the morning carrying my camera with me. Any likely topic for a drawing I’d photograph and there’d be no creative guilt about copying from a photo.

    Funnily enough, I’m trying to start drawing again with pencil, which I used to use exclusively.

    Also, because it’s an unknown quantity, I fear the new year. And that’s just foolish.

    Let’s see what we can do about enjoying the new year, shall us?

    • Lol – well last year 50 wasn’t as much fun as I was expecting partly due to having to have a mammogram, an internal ultrasound and a pap test. The government also sent me out a bowel cancer test kit which is still sitting in the office, I just couldn’t deal with it as well.

      So far this year it’s just been too hot to enjoy anything. Humidity is off the charts.

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