Another Christmas done and dusted

Well for me anyway.

I know some people here in Australia are probably gearing up for a night-time celebration and others on the other side of the world are so behind the times they haven’t even started the party yet but this year we had a breakfast get together which meant I was back lying in bed in my new pyjama pants by 11am. Seriously, why didn’t I think of this years ago!!

Now that my kids are all older they have boyfriends and girlfriends and friends and other things to see and do so I thought if we had breakfast/brunch together then they could go off and do whatever else they wanted. So I said to my daughter – what time will you be here  – and she said – 8am or a bit earlier! So it was an early kind of start.

I went to the beach for a while at lunch time as it was so hot and humid I figured a swim would be nice however it was as usual,  you drive 10 minutes to the beach and it’s about 15 degrees cooler and there’s no way you’re getting in that water. I mean the water temperature is sitting at 19 degrees at the moment so it needs to be pretty damn hot before I get in.

Meet ups with the family over the next couple of days then bring on the new year.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone. Peace, joy and goodwill – spread the message people, it seems to be getting lost.


6 thoughts on “Another Christmas done and dusted

    • I don’t know how that happened, it’s all becoming a blur. My oldest will be 27 next year if you can believe it – my baby will be 23. Crazy shit going on there Inga – I see it but I don’t believe it.

      Happy new year to you also, I think 2015 is going to be a good one.

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