Letters to the dead

After someone in the family dies, you seem to spend a lot of time contacting various government departments, agencies and banks etc trying to convince them that the person really is dead. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try, they continue to send out bills and correspondence to the dearly departed. So I had to laugh yesterday when we received a letter from the bank for my father in law who died about four years ago as it was addressed to – The Late E.R. Smith – care of our address. So they acknowledge that he’s dead but think he still might like a bit of news from them.

No, our name is not Smith.


10 thoughts on “Letters to the dead

  1. My husband and I bought our house from an 88-year-old woman who died in a nursing home just a couple of years after we moved in. As often happens, we received mail for her long afterwards, mostly mail order catalogs and insurance flyers. After her death however, we began receiving mail from some medical insurance company that insisted the poor dear owed them $700. I wrote back to them, saying that Mrs. Carlson had died, so stop sending us her bills. The insurance company then sent the bills addressed to “The Estate of Mrs. Carlson.” It was nutty: they couldn’t believe we weren’t related to Mrs. Carlson, and the letters got more menacing. I finally forwarded the letter to the state attorney’s office with my own letter explaining what was happening. Only then, the bills stopped coming. But I guess you can’t die and have your bills buried with you.

    • I can’t remember the one place in particular that Mum had problems with but they just couldn’t get it through their head. Actually I think it might have been an organisation that dad made a donation to once and after he died they kept ringing wanting more money and Mum kept telling them he was dead but they just kept ringing asking for him.

  2. My BFF got mail for her mother for several years… at her new address, where her mom had never lived or even been near. It eventually stopped, but only after she got married and changed her name and moved to yet another place.

    I hope the insurance company had to eat that $700 loss. If they didn’t even know Mrs. Carlson had moved a couple years before her death, how diligent are they, eh?

  3. Years ago my wife’s cat got out the window while she was at work and was never found again. Every year she gets a notice from the vet saying it’s time for the cat’s shots. It breaks my wife’s heart every time. The vet gets told every year that the cat is no longer with us…….

    I’m sorry, for comparing a cat to a human.

  4. Yep, I get mail sent to my house in both of my parent’s names … and neither of them ever lived here. On occasion I get mail for the old folks I bought this house from – both dead, and haven’t lived here for 16 years.

    But … for the bank to acknowledge that he’s dead but STILL send him mail is odd.

    • We get a lot of mail for different people I’ve never heard of here. The other day a report came from a doctors surgery for some guy who’d just had surgery. It was the right address but no one I knew. Sometimes I think there must be another place with the same address as us and it’s a block of units and I’m getting all their mail

        • You mean the Lindt cafe? It’s pretty crazy shit for here. I think, that we think, that nothing like that will happen here. As you can imagine it’s all that’s on TV, all the experts are coming out to fill in the hours until something happens. Channel 7 news must have just about wet their pants when it happened, they’re right across the road.

          Maybe it’s time to move to New Zealand – absolutely nothing ever happens there.

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