The weather here has been appalling. Ridiculously hot day after day but it’s the humidity that’s the killer, it just sucks the energy right out of you. Massive storms every night for the past week (Sydney in particular has copped it) but they don’t bring any relief from the heat.

It’s turning out to be a perfect season for the paralysis ticks we get here so everyone should be checking their cats and dogs vigilantly although they’re almost impossible to find. Two people I know have had dogs treated within the past month and another lost a calf. The way you usually know your pet has a tick is because they become paralysed in the back legs then it moves through the rest of their body until they can’t even blink or then breathe. One of the dogs was a fluffy little thing and they’d shaved her almost to skin and still couldn’t find the tick which was eventually found hiding between two eyelashes. Terribly expensive to treat and often fatal.

Also my brother had a dog bitten by a brown snake; it develops in a similar way to the tick with the legs developing paralysis so they didn’t realise until later in the day that she’d been bitten while they’d been out working cattle. She survived but needed two or three doses of the anti -venom and a few days on a drip. She is known as being a snaker but she’s getting a bit older now and the reflexes aren’t quite as good.

So summer is kicking along here as usual. Bring on Autumn please.


12 thoughts on “Melting

    • There’s been a bit of a fuss over here lately about Lyme disease. It’s never been recognised here but more doctors are diagnosing it but The Department of Health and government say they’re wrong as ticks here can’t transmit it. I think people use Dr Google a lot and diagnose themselves as well.

      We also get bush ticks here but they just latch on and fill up like a little balloons with blood then drop off – mainly on cows. I used to spend hours pulling them off our milking cow – they make a satisfying pop when you burst them.

        • Good country girl fun tick popping. We had a guernsey we milked for ourselves and her udder would just be covered in them. I could spend a good part of an afternoon sitting there pulling them off and popping them.

          Not so much pimple popping for me.

  1. We lost so many dogs to ticks and snakes – I think last year was the first time my parents lost a dog to old age.

    At school during the summer there’d always be at least one kid showing up with a big puffy face from having a paralysis tick somewhere on their head.

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