Redskin Vodka

Making some Redskin infused vodka for Christmas. You mix it with lemonade then wait for your teeth to fall out.

I think Redskins are an Australian lolly (or candy). Fairly firm but chewy rasberry flavoured sticks that must have caused a lot of cavities and loose teeth over the years. I was more of a Milko fan myself.

redskin vodka

Push a pack of them into a bottle of vodka and they dissolve in a day or two – strain the scum from the top and you’re ready to go. Skittles are meant to be good as well.


15 thoughts on “Redskin Vodka

  1. Part of me is saying “Blargh” and another part is saying “Yum!” I’ve always thought those sweetened wine coolers and chocolate liqueur were the equivalent of alcoholic candy, but this takes the cake. We don’t have Redskins in the US—just the name is controversial! But I suspect Jolly Ranchers, a fruit-flavored hard candy, would be just as effective in a bottle of vodka.

    Peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate (it’s winter up here, so we need the extra warmth) and white Russians are my favorite Christmas grog. We tried Tom & Jerrys last Christmas, but they were not a hit. My son-in-law called it pancake batter mixed with rum.

    • I don’t think the name is an issue here any more. I don’t think many people under the age of 25 – 30 in Australia would associate the word Redskin with anything but the lolly. Different when I was a kid though, the wrappers were a whole different image then.

      I’d be mixing this stuff with soda water not lemonade – I don’t have a sweet tooth. I’m making it for the kids for Christmas though though and they love sweet things.

      • I was told you can make a liqueur out of anything by just soaking it in a jug of vodka. I once made a cranberry liqueur by stuffing a quart of partially crushed cranberries into a liter and a half of vodka. It was delicious but we all got horribly hungover drinking too much of it, so I haven’t made it since. For awhile I couldn’t go near cranberries because the taste made me vaguely nauseous, thanks to the cranberry liqueur hangover.

        I’d draw the line at bubblegum. If you can’t actually eat it, I don’t think it belongs in alcohol.

        • I made a nice infusion once with frozen rasberries and a sugar syrup, it was lovely. I’m wondering if I can save this lot with a dose of sugar syrup; it’s not sweet at all considering the amount of pink sugar that went into it.

          • Simple syrup can save just about any drink, though if the candy contained sucrose or corn syrup, the ‘sugar’ may have dissolved in the alcohol. It’s not bitter, is it? I find mixing artificial sweeteners like the stuff in Diet Coke with vodka can taste unpleasant, even a little nauseating.

    • You can mix the primary colours ok, it’s when you throw anything a bit purple into the mix that things go murky. I thought I’d do all yellow and all green, they look pretty. I saw a recipe for a chocolate infused vodka and thought that’d look a bit dirty. People are doing bacon as well.

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