Good day sunshine

Wherever you are today, it’s possible that you’re preparing for some kind of horrible weather situation. Here it’s heat; we’re expecting 41 degree temps for the next three days. Yesterday was hot and humid, today is hot and windy – neither pleasant.

I’ve been out in the garden this morning watering the tomatoes and beans and other things that might suffer. They seem to handle the heat pretty well if they get a good water in the morning but they don’t like the hot winds much. Between the snails, slugs, caterpillars and heat I’ll be lucky to get any veggies this summer. I put out a bowl of beer last night and manager to drown some intoxicated slugs and I put out some apple slices as apparently snails love them and it lures them away from the things you want to eat. Chicken Little seems to think I’m laying out some sort of gourmet buffet for her though so I have to wait until she’s finished outside for the night. She’s already eaten every strawberry that’s appeared on the plants.

Almost ran into this guy this morning having his upside down breakfast.

Spiders Australia


11 thoughts on “Good day sunshine

    • Well I’m not sure because they’ve drowned by the time I find them. I haven’t witnessed the happy drunken stage before they realise they are doomed. I felt bad about drowning or killing snails but it’s hard to find anything cute about a slug.

      I’m pretty sure I got sunburnt out there at 8 am. I think Sunday is supposed to be really disgusting.

  1. Disgusting day in Sydney. Not sure of temp, mid-30s? The sun feels like burning laser beams hitting me though. I think tomorrow is upper 20s before finishing off the weekend really hot on Sunday. 4 weeks until we depart for the US and the Arctic cold and snow. Not sure which is worse. Heat, I think!

    • I could feel it burning me out there early this morning. I was still in my pyjamas and getting sunburnt!

      I think heat is very draining, especially if it’s humid but then I hate winter. I like to complain all through winter even though it barely gets cold enough where I am to need a jacket. I really wouldn’t like snow and I can’t stand wearing a lot of clothes, I hate feeling restricted. Last week I said to my husband – I think I’m going to complain a lot this summer as well. I’ve always loved summer and being at the beach and outdoors but now it comes with the risk of death by sun cancer which kind of took all the fun out of it.

  2. Snails and slugs love dry cat kibble. A friend sprinkles some cat kibble at the bottom of a jar and leaves it out in her garden overnight. In the morning she finds these fat snails gorged on kibble. She then pours salt on them or drowns them, which is awful-sounding, though I hate slugs and snails. If we didn’t control them, they’d strip the plants of all of their leaves.

    I’d rather be cold than hot. When it’s cold, you can at least throw on a coat or an extra blanket. With heat, there’s no getting away from it unless you shut yourself up in an air-conditioned room. But cold can be tiring in its own way, speaking as one living in the Northern Hemisphere where it is winter, at least weather-wise. I was sick earlier this month, and it felt like I could never get warm enough, even with the heat turned up.

    • I hate the idea of the salt thing – it seems so mean. I saw some snails out there the other morning and thought I should just kill them but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t think I’m hard enough to be a gardener. I’m willing to throw some on a leech to get it off me though!

      I hate wearing a lot of clothes. I hate that restriction around my arms and shoulders. Sometimes when it’s cold it seems you can keep putting on layers of clothes and not really get warm but just end up with sweaty armpits. Also where I live places have a terrible habit of overheating their venues so you can’t go out dressed for the weather because when you arrive at your destination you need to be sitting in a t shirt to feel comfortable.

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