Val grows up

You may remember that my daughter has a rag doll cat. Her name is Val but I call her Bubba (the cat that is).  Anyway she grew up – and out. Most of it is fur but she has the softest, sloppiest tummy I’ve ever had my hands on.

She takes life pretty seriously and she stares at you as if she’s trying to suck the thoughts out of your head. Either that or drill into it that she needs food immediately.

She likes doing normal cat things like sleeping

sleeping cat

and sleeping in uncomfortable places trying to look as if she’s perfectly comfortable


She likes having a lick with the flag pole up


and attacking you over the top of the lounge with her crazy eyes on.


She loves her new play station


but enjoys sitting in a box just as much


or on an empty dinner plate left lying about


But most of all she loves cuddling her Mum.



17 thoughts on “Val grows up

    • She’s such a little weirdo, really funny little personality. I told my daughter that she’ll never be able to have kids because the cat will kill them.

  1. That 2nd photo:

    That always amazes me – they cannot in any way be comfortable with their necks crooked or twisted, or when they are hanging off the edge of a table … yet they act as if it’s the most comfortable position possible.

    • They’re very much like little people. I told my daughter she’ll never be able to have a baby as Bubba will kill it she’d be so jealous. My sister in law had a ragdoll and had to find a new home for it after she had a baby as the cat had some sort of nervous breakdown about it.

      She is a pretty thing though but so, so serious.

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