don’t judge a book by it’s cover

So they say, however the cover of this new cook book is not going to entice me to buy it.

Even though the pony tail here does belong to the chef who wrote the book, there’s just something wrong about associating hair with food. Especially when it’s laying on top of the tea towel like that. Is he going to go and wipe my plate clean with that cloth now?



11 thoughts on “don’t judge a book by it’s cover

    • Yes – a middle aged guy. Master chef! – I’m always wondering why they don’t have to wear hair nets or something, there’s hair and sweat flinging about everywhere.

  1. Um, gross. I was originally prepared to argue with you because, well, sometimes I cook like that. Until you said it was a man. Now it’s all kinds of yucky. So, do I object to hair on tea towel, or long hair on men? Maybe I’m just a jerk?

    • I object to the whole thing. It’s always the cover of a cook book that makes me pick it up and look in it. He’s a bit full of himself if he thinks his straggly do is going to interest me.

    • Chefs are always sweaty. Once I was watching one serve a plate of food at a bistro and saw a drop if it fall from his forehead onto the plate. This guy is a well known chef here and I guess he’s as well known for his pony as for his food.

    • Is there such a thing as a nice man pony??

      I was waiting for Mum at David Jones the other day and their book section is just about all cook books. There are hundreds of them. Every chef and masterchef and MKR contestant and sports person seems to have one. I like a nice cookbook, the pictures suck me in even though I know the end result won’t look much like it. I don’t buy them often as they’re always pretty meat heavy but if I see one I like I put in a request for the library to get it them just copy out the recipes I want.

    • Yeah, hair and food, unless your a hairdresser it just doesn’t work. A friend of mine is a hairdresser and she doesn’t care if food turns up with hair in it.

      • i really don’t get too weirded out about it – but they showed that clip over & over & over and I kept wondering how they didn’t see that it should have been cut and, instead, used it as a promo. I figured, “well, at least she touched it before it was cooked”

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