Treasure Hunts

I’ve been doing some shopping for Mum lately.

It’s easier for me to zip about, find a park, get in and out of the car and the shop than it is for her to drive the hour into town, find a disabled car park near the shop she needs, wrangle her walker out of the boot then get into the shop, possibly dealing with steps or impossibly heavy doors that you need to pull open towards you while at the same time getting your disabled body and walker one-armed through them and then deal with some moron salesman who seems to think you’re feeble minded just because you’re elderly.

Honestly, whoever makes plans for disabled people in this town is obviously as nimble as a spring lamb and as hearty as an ox.

So anyway she sends me these random lists of things she needs, I go find them, then she drives in and we meet for lunch and I hand over the goods and she hands over the cash. I always feel as if I’m on a treasure hunt as she sends me a list but often doesn’t give clues as to where I should go to get the goods. Yesterday I set off to find:

2 nighties (with short sleeves, specific brand)
samples of four make-up foundations (specific brands)
LSA mix, psyllium husks and rice bran straws for her super healthy breakfast mix
macuvision vitamins (to keep her eyes sharp)
a dvd player that can also record two tv shows at the same time (she likes her crime dramas)

We met at a garden nursery up the highway today for the handover as she wanted to have a look about and they have a nice cafe. The whole place is beautifully set up and it was a glorious spring day. They have these huge garden sculptures that you can buy and I’d love a giraffe but we have a tiny yard and it would have to stand looking over the fence onto the highway. It’d probably become a traffic accident hazard.

local-wildlife heritage gardens nursery

I thought I could just get a little monkey but then I said to Mum that Chicken Little would probably think it was real and spend all day out there barking at it.


It was nice to see some sun and colour. I took this photo because I was taking photos with my phone and Mum asked me if it was good enough to stop the butterfly here from spinning (it was spinning around like crazy on that wire) and yes, I guess it was, it’ll do me anyway. Hello spring.

butterfly garden ornament


3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunts

  1. You deserve kudos for doing your mom’s shopping. I hated shopping for my mother because she was too picky. If I bought, for instance, a nightie for her, she’d refuse to wear it because the color wasn’t right, or the fabric made her itch, or “You know I don’t like clothes with flowers all over them.” There was also this issue of reimbursing my out-of-pocket costs: she would sometimes ask me to pick up for her a very expensive facial cream at the department store. Having learned my lesson earlier, I told her I didn’t have $90 just sitting in my pocket and I needed the cash up front to buy the cream. She would then ask my father to give me the money, in which case he would have a fit (“$90 for cold cream?! She can buy the $10 stuff at the drugstore!”), or she would whine and give me the evil eye because I refused to buy the cream for her. To this day, I think she/her estate owes me over $200 for all the things I bought her.

    • Lol, well I’d never buy anything without knowing exactly what she wanted and I always keep the dockets. Mums good about paying up as well so I don’t end up out of pocket – sometimes she gives me extra to cover whatever it is she’ll be wanting next.

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