Sulking mainly

Hi everyone. Or anyone.

I’ve been hibernating over winter. Sulking really. I always feel a bit SAD through winter but that aside, this year in general hasn’t turned out to be as much fun as I’d hoped. Health wise (nothing life threatening), life wise, world wise and friend wise it’s pretty much sucked and I let it in turn suck the motivation and energy out of me.

It all started when we got back from that three-day cruise in March and discovered that our business partner and supposed friend of twenty-five years had tried to shaft us with the aim of leaving our business shut down and us unemployed. It’s practically impossible to find full-time work here if you’re over fifty but I was surprisingly unconcerned about that, I was more upset about the back stabbing friend. I seem to have picked some clangers over the years. In fact if you see a book on the shelves titled When friends turn out to be arseholes, I probably wrote it. Anyway it was a pretty stressful and disappointing three months and it made me all bitter and cynical and then the world turned to shit and I seemed to be at the doctors every week and yadda, yadda, yadda I didn’t just want to be here bitching and moaning and complaining all the time.

Well I probably did but I’m trying not to complain. I started doing this 30 day challenge where you can’t complain or criticize anyone. It’s terribly hard but it makes you realise how many whiny needy bastards are out there; honestly people never stop complaining. The idea is that you put a band on your wrist (I just use a hairband) and if you find yourself complaining or criticising you have to put the band on the other wrist and go back to day one and start again. I started about three months ago and I’m still on day one. I think the only way to get through it is to just not talk at all.

Anyway Spring has arrived and I’m sure people somewhere are counting down the days to Christmas so I’m just waiting this year out and looking forward to a happier, healthier, complaint free one next year.


26 thoughts on “Sulking mainly

  1. Winter leaves me in a blah mood. I guess because we have such longer winters (In the US) with all of the snow and more snow. And, it just gets almost depressing waiting for it to warm up!
    But, your ex-friend sounds like an A hole!!
    Maybe the new season will bring a change in you!

  2. I’m sorry your winter was three months of awfulness. It’s always more painful when a supposed friend stabs you in the back than when some person you know is an asshole does it. Friends are suppoesd to have your back, not stab it; that betrayal of trust makes everything seem much darker, and it’s hard to get the feeling of security back.

    You’ve never been the complaining type, not on Vox or here on WP, so I don’t see why you can’t vent a bit on your own blog. But good to see you back! Hope the spring is far cheerier for you.

    • Not so cheery yet as it’s been very wet. Which I can’t complain about as we’ve been in drought for so long I know it’s badly needed.

      I’m a terrible friend picker, I think my expectations of them are too high, lol. Although I really just expect them to give a shit occasionally.

  3. Boy you and Emjay have not had a good few months. I hope things turn around for both of you. I hope your business has survived, since you said the partner “tried to” ruin you. I wish it was spring here, we are headed for another cold crappy winter. Maybe I should spend half my year below the equator, endless-summer-style.

    • Sigh, yes, the business survived but I’ve really lost all interest in it. When I realised how easy it is for someone to just come along and take it away and turn your life upside down I stopped caring about it. I’m just hoping it hangs in there for another five years then I’ll retire.

      I’ve always fancied the endless summer. I thought I could buy a house in Darwin or North Queensland and spend my winters there. It’s always 32 degrees Celsius in Darwin.

    • Hi there – not long to see out this year, it’s flying by.

      It really makes you see how much people complain. My husband and daughter are sick of me as I’m always telling them to shut up and stop complaining.

    • It’s impossible! I think it’s made me realise how much other people complain but not myself. I start a lot of sentences now with – I’m not complaining, just stating a fact…………

    • Well it’s turning into a lot longer than 30 days that’s for sure. I just stumbled across it on Google somehow – 30 day complain challenge will get you heaps of results if you want to do it.

  4. Oh Lordy, do I hear you sister. Been there, done that, wrote the book too. Good to hear that you are taking care of you though. Only three more months left of this year, and a whole new and brighter year will arrive I am sure! Karma will catch up with the horrid partner too, so you just take care of you and yours. Take care, and come back soon!

    • Yes I’m looking forward to next year – but quietly, in my head. I think I was so looking forward to this one and telling everyone how good it would be that the fun police got word and decided to put a stop to it.

  5. Oh good, you’re back! Sorry your life threw you a case of the sulks…it’s never a fun venture, finding out who your real friends are. The weather is warming up though, hang in there! I mean, the world is still going to hell, but at least you’ll have some blue sky around.

    That band thing sounds like an interesting experiment – I don’t think there’s anything I could go 30 days without doing or saying though.

    • Bloody hot yesterday and today. I said to my husband – I know I bitched all through winter about the cold but I don’t think I’m going to like this summer much either.

      I decided to try the band thing because whenever I go out with a group of people, or just overhear people talking, it seemed that everyone has an opinion about something that’s really none of their business. People spend too much time involved in other peoples business and I didn’t want to become one of them.

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