Funny how sometimes you haven’t seen someone for years and then you see them every couple of days for a week or so. Or you’ve never heard of something but then once you have you see or hear it popping up everywhere.

Well, a couple of days ago Leendadll mentioned Irish Nachos and I’d never heard of them before and then I met my daughter for lunch yesterday and snap! there they were on the menu.

Now I don’t know what California nachos are – I always just thought nachos were nachos, I didn’t realise there was a range. By the way, what makes a bit of chicken buffaloed – never known that either.



11 thoughts on “Snap!!

  1. I’d never heard of Irish nachos either! Now I guess I’ll be seeing them around too. Buffalo chicken is named after the city of Buffalo, it’s a type of spicy sauce. Not my thing. Usually it’s “buffalo wings” which is just a disgusting finger food mess which I never understand why anyone would want to work so hard for such a small amount of food.

    • Yeah, wings are nasty – all skin and bone and sometimes even a feather poking out. With sauce all over them they’d be a disaster. Some people love them though, they strip those little suckers down to tiny little bones.

  2. I’ve never heard of Irish Nachos before but I’ve certainly had them, called “potachos”. When I was a big fan of potato and molten cheese they were delicious, but these days they sound like a big bowl full of heartburn.

    • Potachos – is that a name you gave them yourself? I like it – but I imagine them with potato gems, which I imagine would work as well. Hmmm, wedges with sour cream and sweet chilly I’m feeling like now.

  3. What make the California nachos Californian?
    2nd Cranky above – “buffalo” anything denotes spicy sauce, usually a tabasco or other hot sauce. I can’t stand the sauce or wings.

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