Deep fried mac and cheese

We don’t really eat mac and cheese here in Australia. Well I don’t and no one else I know does and you don’t see it often in recipe books or magazines so we don’t eat it seriously, not like you guys in the USA seem to. Maybe it’s because we don’t have that yellow cheese here, maybe that’s the secret to a good mac.

However I’m open to new ideas so when I saw a recipe for brie mac and cheese I thought I’d make it. Well it wasn’t very nice and I ended up with bucket loads of it. I don’t eat or cook a lot of pasta so maybe it was the fault of the cook that it was a bit bland but I wasn’t prepared to throw away so much food the next day so I had to decide how to make it more interesting. Having had three kids I knew from experience that a surefire way to get something eaten is to either wrap it in puff pastry and bake it or crumb it and deep fry it so I rolled the mass into balls, double crumbed them then deep-fried them and they were pretty damn good I must say. I still had a lot of the original mix to throw away though – my eaters draw the line at third night leftovers.

brie mac and cheese balls


17 thoughts on “Deep fried mac and cheese

  1. I love this idea! They look so yummy. It cripples me inside that Australia isn’t that big on Mac. But hey to each their own. If you do decide to give it another go, look up Barefoot Contessas recipe.

    • Lol, I often wonder if it’s all you guys eat! Every American cooking blog or recipe site seems to have it all the time. I’ve seen the Contessa on TV so I’ll look it up. This one was a Jamie Oliver recipe.

        • Oh gosh, I don’t know. Probably a baked dinner or you call it a roast I think. Pies maybe, sweet or savoury. Where I live it hardly gets cold enough to feel like cooking up anything too comforting but for me personally it’s probably good old potato – baked, mashed or just boiled. Or turned into chips and covered in gravy or crisps.

  2. A team made these on MKR a few weeks back. The judges didn’t like them on their plate with the other items they made, but liked them on their own. Sounds yummy to me! My kids love mac and cheese, but I grew up eating it in the US. It isn’t so popular in Australia!

  3. That speaks of a lot of cholesterol, deep frying cheese…mmm…but from how it looks and how I imagine it tastes, that is one aortic plug I’d be happy to have.

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